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Re: One Piece 672

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I'm a bit confused regarding that part. Did he use a tech to cut the explosion or is his sword special ?

If it's a tech Zoro might learn it, kinda convenient though. But it does give us a clue as to what we will be seeing from the Wano samurai.
He used a sword to cut fire and the sword has properties that can cut any fire....also duh it is engulfed in flames.

WELGO? metal man or he used Haki to strengthen his attack. Kenimon or whatever lol has already a cool ass ability and now Oda gave him a fire sword of no equal...COOL ! CC knocking out everyone...doesn't surprise me as he said he experimented on his gas gas fruit powers. Nothing we thought of besides as you said the mole being Monet was correct.....thanks again for another drop dead left corner chapter

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