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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
So we're at a point where Naruto & Sasuke have already developed team tactics & Sasuke has gained training from Kakashi. Well then team 7 win this.

Rin would probably kill Sakura but they're both useless so it doesn't matter.

This is basically Naruto & Sasuke vs Obito & Kakashi. Sorry to say but Kakashi & Obito weren't exactly the best of teammates while Naruto & Sasuke at this point have been coordinating attacks on a number of occasions. As an Uchiha Obito is basically useless save for 1 fire tec which Naruto is seen pushing through when facing Sasuke. Kakashi would have to pick up most of the slack for his team & without a sharingan (since Obito should still have his) Naruto & Sasuke working together should be enough to take him out. Both Naruto & Sasuke have experience facing Jounin level opponents at this point because of Zabuza, Haku, & even Gaara. I won't even take into account Naruto summoning Bunta since that's overkill.

Kakashi & Naruto win this. Naruto even without Kurama has Sage Mode. Kakashi can take out Lee while Naruto takes on Guy.

This one isn't even fair dude.

Naruto takes all 3 out by himself using Sage Mode.

Sasuke takes all 3 out by himself using Susanoo/Amaterasu/Genjutsu.

Darui takes all 3 out(yeah that's right) by himself using uber Black Lightning Jutsu along with Suiton & superior Taijutsu via sword skill.
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