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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Why am I not surprised KYF didn't read my post where I say this:
This ^^^is just ignorantly foolish considering this is a shounen manga...
Oh, of course, a manga that talks a lot about DNA, tissue compatibility, organ transfer and alluded tissue rejection back when Yamato was introduced and has shown it when Danzou lost his arm can't possibly incorporate the notion of antigens and antibodies!

That's just preposterous, it's like saying Kishimoto used thermodynamics, atmospheric conductivity, ideal gas law, boiling and melting points of water and gold and molecular heat absorption and we all know that never happened!

Now that I'm done using sarcasm to point out how completely stupid you are, let's talk the talk.

Databook information:

Chakra is the resulting form of energy when two other forms of energy are mixed together. The two energies are referred to as "physical energy" and "spiritual energy". Physical energy is collected from the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy is derived from the mind's consciousness (i.e. the soul) and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience.
That means chakra is unique to each person and that person's cells are imbued with that chakra. So no "Shisui's chakra is special hurr durr!", he simply had a chakra signature that Ao recognized. And many people in the manga have different chakra colors, Naruto's chakra is yellow and Kurama's red, as hinted here. Many volume covers have shown Sasuke's chakra color is purple and, if the volume cover with Itachi's Susanoo is to be trusted, his chakra's color is golden.

Now let's go to the principles of antigen-antibody interaction and how it is pertinent to tissue rejection. Antigen is a substance (normally a protein in organic entities) that is foreign to the body and, as soon as it is recognized as so, will cause the production of antibodies that attach to the antigen so the immunity system can destroy that foreign entity without harming the own body cells.

This is the principle vaccination is built upon, since most vaccines are just injections of dead viruses/bacteria that still have their antigen so the body can recognize said antigen and produce antibodies much faster and neutralize said viruses/bacteria if they're found alive in the body before they can do any harm. That's why AIDS/HIV is so dangerous, because it destroys the white blood cells that produce the antibodies that would make the body fight it.

So back to the point, our cells have their set of antigens that is common to all of them and will vary from person to person, but they are simply ignored by their own body's immunity system to avoid self-destruction (aka auto-immune diseases). The thing is, if those cells are transfered to someone else's body, the latter may or may not recognize those cells as foreign, that's why compatibility between donor and receiver is a must, because that means the chances of the cells' antigens being very similar (thus not recognized by the body as foreign) is much higher. But, if they are recognized as foreign, antibodies will be created and the body will attack all of those transfered cells. That's what organ rejection entails.

So, knowing that cells from a body have that body's chakra signature and they have the same antigens, it means that, in the event of organ rejection, all cells that share the same chakra will be rejected. That also means that, if Shisui and Hashirama's chakra were the same, all cells with that chakra will be rejected. Guess what, Hashirama's cells went haywire, the body rejected them... and Shisui's eye remained intact. That is simply impossible if the two of them had the same chakra. The logical explanation is that the cells of Shisui present in the arm were overtaken by Hashirama's, thus expelled from the body when the latter were.

After this drop of manga facts, accurate science and logic, I dare you to prove either the mangaka when he wrote what chakra was and/or immunology itself wrong. I double dare you!
Because that's the only explanation for why he still keeps regurgitating the same arguments. Come on, be a man and say your piece on this, KYF.
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