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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Lol, calling u an idiot is just an insult to idiots and too intelligent for u....
Right, because I'M the one pulling some stupid shit out of my ass..Oh wait, that's you.

Danzou did not have shisui's arm u deluded jackass... he had HIS ARM IMPLANTED WITH HASHIRAMA'S CELLS which allowed him to use hashirama's charka that offers Mokuton, huge chakra/stamina boost, ect...
Danzou did have shisui's arm, unless you have a non-retarded explanation for how Shiusi's chakra is flowing through Danzou's arm.
Show me where shisui's arm is taken and implanted onto danzou's???
Show me where it wasn't. I don't have to provide proof, just to prove that you have none yourself.

SHow me where it is even implied danzou had shisui's arm???
I can't because you're too fucking stupid to read. I already posted a page, you chose to ignore it.
Nothing... thats what I thought! U are just pulling the shisui's arm shit out of ur ass because u are too dense to comprehend that shisui's chakra and hashirama's are very much alike to the point the BG cannot tell...
"Show me where this is even implied." Your theory can't even hold up to your own argumentation you reject.
Lol, this isn't even up for debate anymore... u have nothing to support this BS claimwhile I have at least 5 different panels that can show danzou only had hashirama's cells for use of his special chakra, not shisuis... its just that shisui had a chakra just like hashirama's which is why it was mistaken for hims in danzou's right arm, shoulder....
You don't have shit. You choose to ignore what the manga blatantly states, and decided to create some made up bull shit to help defend a stupid fucking theory, that has very, very little chance of coming true, and a HUGE fucking chance of making you look like a bigger retard.

I just don't get you, man.

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