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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
AO did see shisui's chakra flowing through danzou's arm, shoulder... not because danzou has shisui's arm though... Simply because shisui has a chakra just like the kind in danzou's arm which is danzou's own chakra+hashirama's physical energy boosting it...
Ao saw shisui's chakra flowing through danzou's arm and shoulder because it was shisui's arm and shoulder. Why do you have to try and look so hard for something that isn't even their?

Shisui had a special hybrid chakra consisting of uchiha chakra boosted by hashirama's physical energy which creates a hashirama-like hybrid chakra... danzou had this chakra from adding hashirama's chakra to his own
Other than your own personal fantasy land, where does any of this shit even come from? Tell me how you know this, unless, like I assume, you're just making a bunch of shit up.

and shisui had it from IDK
Concrete evidence right here.

but shisui clearly had the same chakra if Ao recognized it...
Or you know, Ao recognized Shisui's chakra, because it was Shisui's.

when it was clearly hashirama's boosted chakra of danou's not shisui's chakra from his eye or arm....
What proof do you have that Hashirama's DNA altered the color of the chakra Danzou produce's. It would just physically boost the amount of chakra. So why would Ao recognize it as a completely different color, and actually saying without a doubt it was Shisui's? Oh right, because it's Shisui's.

its not a hard concept to grasp...if Ao recognized shisui's chakra in danzou's right arm, but the chakra in danzous right arm is actually a hashirama hybrid chakra... due to danzou implanting hashirama's cells into his right arm... then shisui had hashirama hybrid chakra too, because well, Ao obviously, unmistakably recognized the chakra as shisui's too despite it being danzou's boosted by hashirama's physical energy...
It really isn't a hard concept to grasp, that's why I'm surprised you're not getting it. All of that relies solely on the bullshit part of the theory that you're making up. Talking about all this hybrid shit.

hey tard... show me where its stated or shown shisui's arm is being used...
Hey, Outcast. I already showed you where it was stated, refer to my earlier post. Like I said, you're looking for something that isn't even their, and you're having to make up a bunch of bull shit to do it.

Have you even seen Danzou's arm? In comparison with the rest of his body, it's clear as day the arm isn't his. That with the manga clearly stating the Eye, arm and shoulder all have Shisui's chakra flowing through them. Should lead you to the fact that it's Shisui's arm(not you of course). The more rational explanation would be that the arm, shoulder and Eye are all Shisui's because Danzou needed the arm with the Uchiha chakra to sustain his 10 sharingan. It also seems that he augmented Hashiram's DNA to boost SHISUI'S chakra, and his own, to aid in his ability's with Izanagi's usage.

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