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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]


That was a thought out battle KYF, until you started speculating abilities.

But anyway, Dust element is fine BUT it is NOT as fast as Rasenshuriken or Giant rasengans that the two Sage Mode users can conjure.

Minato is a master of stealth and speed, Kakashi is a master of stealth(ex ANBU LEADER) I understand this but on an OPEN battle field that can only be used so much.

sage mode can sense chakra, Minato flashes in hits Naruto, doesn't have the same effect due to the durability of Sage Mode.
J-man utilizes "Sage arts: Toad stomach!" ,that will slow anyone that touches the ground down.

We must remember J-man taught Minato, he was first choice for 4th & 5th Hokage. It was NEVER STATED Minato surpassed J-man. It was stated Naruto surpassed J-man,Minato, & Kakashi.

Naruto has been up against many that are faster,stronger , & smarter than him. with a teammate that is a Legendary Sannin, that by way of evolution taught the people they are fighting, he would be victorious.

Now vs. Muu/Oonki(young)

Muu is the most dangerous, Oonki is NOT as powerful as we have seen recently. He is still under Muu.

Either way, Neither J-man or Naruto is so slow as to stand and wait for Dust element to be used. besides Rasenshuriken is remote control, faster and the size can be changed. It attacks on a cellular level, the wounds cannot be healed AND SG can't keep up with how many attacks it is actually doing against the body.

I think that it would be a Chakra battle in the end, who has enough to still be standing.

Naruto's most effect jutsu is and always will be SHADOW CLONE.

there are two outcomes to this fight

Minato wins or Naruto wins

Both or their partners would run out of chakra before the end.
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