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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
A chakra SIGNATURE is referring to what a sensor senses... not a doujutsu like the BG or SG... No sensors may be able to detect Muu, but a SG or BG can see any chakra, even through solid objects... Unless it says a doujutsu cannot even detect Muu's chakra then u have an argument because right now it all concersn everything, but doujutsu's...

Not to mention Minato could place his hiraishin seals all over the place so when Muu touches one it could lacth on and move with him alerting minato to muu's position and allow a FTG-rasengan directly to Muu as well...

Dust element can just be turned on other shinobi in the fight with minato or kakashi T/S barrier ninjutsu where they can suck up an attack and release it at certain places... Whats to stop minato and kakashi from releasing the dust element attack on Muu, Oonoki or any of the other shinobi in the fight...

Minato could even FTG kakashi to enemies with him for a tag team FTG attack with a rasengana and chidori... All minato has to do is have contact with kakashi...

Either way kakashi/minato win... there is no way for anyone to even catch minato, much less track his movements so they don't get utterly merced by direct attacks.... Sensory abilities are no better then eyes because they do not SENSE any faster then eyes allowing the user to react any faster... so quit using that argument... Sensing ability is only effective when it comes to tracking a hidden enemy, nothing else...
So basically despite the fact that Muu is stated to be essentially invisible to chakra senses of all kinds (which includes eye techs, since all they do is "see" chakra, which is exactly what the fuck chakra sensory does) and chakra sensing has been shown numerous times to be significantly more precise in its detection abilities than the BG and RG and especially the SG, the SG can easily see him because...Uchiha wank? I mean come on. Naruto could instantly detect the fact that Kakashi was dead from more than a mile away with his sensing and Karin was able to find Danzo from a huge distance and through multiple buildings. The only dojutsu user to ever do anything on that level was Nagato, and that wasn't with his eyes. It was with his, wait for it, chakra-sense rain. The basic Sharingan is not anywhere near the level required for detecting Muu, and Kakashi plops dead after not even 3 uses of the MS which still has no reason why it would detect him.

Chakra sensing is much faster than the eye can see, both living Sage Mode characters make that pretty damn clear. Sasuke's Susano'o arrows are faster than anything short of a Mangekyou sharingan can detect in terms of eyes, but Kabuto dodged it like it was nothing because of chakra sense. Naruto was able to predict and dodge the 3rd Raikage, which absolutely no one else was able to, because of his own Sage Mode chakra senses. So yeah that statement is holy shit levels of false.

I explicitly stated that Minato could turn Dust Element(as well as other attacks) against others. But he still can't find Muu worth half a fuck, and he can't avoid an attack he doesn't know is coming.

EDIT: I will say that the idea of placing the seals all over the place would be a possible answer, but he'd be leaving himself wide open to all 3 other groups while he did so. Kakashi isn't holding off anyone from ruining Minato's day.
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