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Re: One Piece 673

Yeah he was shown back in that town with Blackbeard forcing his guys to kill one another. You know the pirates that made fun of SH's for believe in Sky city or whatever. I don't think it was lougetown but yeah man dude is everywhere! The most of his skill we have seen first hand was the War @ Marineford vs Oars. He has some sort of puppet type ability. I am still trying to cope with how did he cut off Oars foot? WITH EASE! Then we have this Vergo/Welgo who I believe has Haki. A strong enough Haki that kept Law from even moving. So we knew already that CC experimented on DF. We knew objects as well can eat DF. So Slimey ate the Sara Sara or whatever DF. I hope ODa comes out with a list of DF's. I love OP due to the character development but also mainly due to the shit you just can't predict. How will SH/ Law/ G5 get out of this pickle? We still have four or five SH's that are searching for the others. Plus Fire Fox to aide them. Come on Law give Smoka San back his body already!
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