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Re: 593 Predictions/Spoilers


Naruto 593 prediction: Dog's don't speak
Sasuke: Suigetsu, chop off some of Kabuto's flesh.
Suigetsu: What? Why? I don't want to get my hands all slimy...
Sasuke: ....*glares with sharingan*
Suigetsu: Alright alright...
Suigetsu chops off a bigpart of his stomach
Sasuke: Juugo, lay her down here.
Juugo: What are you doing?
Sasuke: Back when Orochimaru was my sensei, he would explain how the edo tensei worked, although he never dared to tell me how to do it. Now, with this scroll, I think I finally have a way to figure out how to use edo tensei.
Juugo: Why do you want to know that technique?
Sasuke: I need to speak to.....
Sasuke: The founder.
Suigetsu: You mean that first hokage? How are you gonna do that when he's.....
Juugo: The scroll.....
Sasuke: After Orochimaru lost his arms to the third, he wanted to desperately retrieve them by speaking with the death god. He failed several times but it would seem he had the contract all this time.
Suigetsu: So that's what you're gonna do. Revive Orochimaru using the DNA from Kabuto and the chakra from this womans curse mark, genjutsu him into telling you how edo tensei works, then get him to make the death god seals and then.....what?
Sasuke: I will speak with this death god.
Juugo: You sure...sounds dangerous.
Sasuke: It's a risk I have to take.
Suigetsu: Wait...wait...wasn't Orochimaru sucked into that jar of your brother?
Sasuke activates Susano
Suigetsu: Shit Sasuke I'm sorry, I was just asking--
Sasuke: emptys the jar and out comes Orochimaru.
Juugo: I see.
Sasuke: Before Itachi died, he gave me his sword and shield. I felt it the moment he touched me.
Juugo: So wake him up.
Sasuke grabs the flesh of Kabuto and places it on Anko's shoulder.
Sasuke: The chakra emitted from this should bring him back to this world. He is under a genjutsu as well.
Orochimaru: !?
Orochimaru: AHHHHHHHHH *leaps away*
Sasuke grabs him with the Susano
Sasuke: Where do you think you're going?
Orochimaru: How....what;s the meaning of this...
Orochimaru: !? Is that....Kabuto?
Sasuke activates his eternal mangekyou sharingan.
Orochimaru: !? My my...has time changed....I have a lot to catch up on.
Sasuke: You only have one goal. *Sharingan*
Orochimaru: !??.............
Sasuke: Perform the seals to summon the death god. And tell me everything about edo tensei.
Orochimaru performs the seals
Suigetsu: So.....where is he?
Sasuke: How come I can't see the death god.
Juugo: Because only the caster can see him....
Suigetsu: Well so much for that genius plan Sasuke...
Sasuke: *Mangekyou Sharinan*
Sasuke: !!! I ....just barely...I can see him behind Orochimaru.
Sasuke: Shinigami...restore the souls of the past hokages.
Death God:
Sasuke: Now.
Death God: Your eyes are not complete, you cannot order me around, only those with true power may command me.
Sasuke: Incomplete? I have the strongest eyes. Don't play around with me.
Death God: You remind me of him. As impressive as it it, even with incomplete eyes you can still see and hear me. It must mean you are part of him...
Sasuke: So is that a yes.
Death God: The exchange is simple. You give me a soul, I give you a soul.
Sasuke: I will exchange Orochimaru and Kabuto for the souls of Hashirama Senju and .....
Death God:...
Suigetsu/Juugo: ....
Sasuke: *flashback of Itachi* The lord third loved his village like his family, he did everything to prevent the massacre. He was Danzo's superior, my lord Hokage.
Sasuke: Hiruzen Sarutobi.
Death God: The deal has been made. Their souls have returned to their bodies. Now...
Kabuto in Izanami: *Itachi: you cannot defeat me* matter what I do....he counters it.
Kabuto; !!? What my body....
Kabuto's glasses fall off.
Kabuto: This is.....Kabuto smirks.
Kabuto: So...he managed to do what we couldn't. Uchiha may have just exceeded Itachi's level.
Kabuto steps on his glasses and breaks them.
Kabuto's soul leaves his body. A blurry image of Itachi and Sasuke in the background
Kabuto: It seems in the end...I truly was blind.
Chapter end.
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