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Re: 594 Spoilers/Predictions

Felt like writing the final battle of kakashi and Gai since this is not likely to be what happens next week...

Naruto 595: The flames of a Rivalry explode for one last event... Gai and kakashi vs tobi and the juubi...

*Gai powers up to 8th gate, gate of death with a utterly huge amount of energy flowing off of him... while kakashi bares the fruit of his own training and manages to release the 5th gate... creating 1000 Kage bushins.*

Tobi: "Wow, the weirdo in green tights is putting out an absolutely huge amount of energy... his chakra level is not bijuu level, its jinchuriki level... and kakashi, bravo... who would of thought you could master the forbidden lotus enough to release up to the 5th gate".

Kakashi: "Well gai, are you ready to see who can push them the furthest..".

Gai: "to think you could master forbidden lotsu to such a level by just seeing me and Lee use it... its amazing... you truly are the copy ninja...".

Kakashi: "It was only because of your ferocity as a true beast of a shinobi, one who could master such a jutsu that I was able to copy it to such a degree... you are Konoha's green beast... my true rival... my true friend".

*Gai begins to cry with droopy nose snot while kakashi sheds a single huge sweat bead*

Kakashi: "Ok gai. calm down... your ruining it.."

*The juubi roars with with a huge upsurge of power*

Gai: "Shut up you tentailed bastard... can't you see we are having a moment".

*the juubi and tobi each shed a huge bead of sweat... look at each other then look back at gai*

Tobi: "Enough... bring it on already... so I can send you into oblivion..."

Gai: "Here we Go...".

*Gai makes the first move with a super ungodly fast shuhin to leaf hurricane... kicking the juubi in the forehead knocking it back*

Tobi: "So damn fast... Wow..."

Kakashi: "You might not want to let down your guard".

*tobi is surprised by kakashi as he has a super fast shushin of his own directly behind him... however, tobi becomes intangible making kakashi's attack pass right through him*

Tobi: "There is no helping it... I have to use the RG's abilities if I am to get through this one".

*tobi uses shinrei tensai to send kakashi flying forward into the ground hard, but he bounces back up with explosive speed and attacks tobi again... misses then is struck in the back with tobi's fan sending kakashi flying*.

Tobi: "This gates jutsu is trouble some... kakashi's speed and durability have increased so much...".

*suddenly tobi is blown back by a huge push of energy... Gai and the juubi are trading attacks at high speeds...*

Gai: "Noontiger..."

Juubi using shinrei tenssai: "Grrrrrawwwwww"

*Gai shoots noontigers while the juubi fires off multiple shinrei tensais... each clashing at high speed multiple times creating huge pushes of energy that finally blows Gai and the juubi back*

*kakashi clones fight together, hitting the juubi with multiple strikes at high speed... the juubi is pushed back further.. then it stops in its tracks and lets out a huge roar creating a giant Shinrei tensai taking out hundreds of kakashi Kage bushins as they hit the ground while gai bounces back quickly*

Gai: "Its time then... if my most powerful taijutsu will not work then its the only option... How about I show you the midnight dragon you spiky bastard..."

*Gai gathers his energy, compressing it into his body... but the juubi creates a bijuudama firing it at gai... then its suddenly sucked into a time space barrier*

Gai: "Thanks kakashi".

*A couple kakashi clones disapear from creating a huge multiple kamui to draw in the bijuudama*

*scene changes back to kakashi*

Tobi: "Well well, that weirdo and the juubi are having a hell of a fight"

*kakashi sneaks up behind tobi and attacks with Raikiri going through tobi though as he becomes intangible... just as he becomes tangile again tobi uses his T/S jutsu to try and suck up kakashi... however, kakashi swings around then uses kamui to draw in tobi's T/S vortex with his own T/S barrier canceling it out....*

Tobi: "Thats enough..".

*tobi disappears into the ground while kakashi drops to a knee warn out*

Kakashi: "Where is h..."

*kakashi is drawn to the ground as tobi pops up from the ground, placing his hand on kakashi's head*

Kakashi: "He used banshou tenin from under ground immobilizing me so he could pop up and get a hold of, but why... wait... is he going to...".

*Tobi pulls kakashi's soul from his body... but it turns to smoke...*

Tobi: "A kage bushin... but how! That damn gates jutsu... to think it make even a kage bushin so durable that it could take that kind of damage...".

*out of nowhere another kakashi appears behind tobi using kamui to draw him in, but tobi uses his T/S vortex to cancel it... its a huge T/S jutsu battle of huge chakra*

Scene changes to gai finishing compressing his chakra as he feels himself and his surrounding begin to be drawn toward kakashi and tobi's location:

Gai: "Wow, they must both be using their time space jutsu... they are going to change the entire battle field... ha, not before I do with... this...."

*a bunch Kakashi's clones are shown grabbing the juubi and trying to drag out some of it's spirit... but the juubi uses shinrei tensai sending them all flying... and Turing to smoke*

Gai: "looks like I am about to take the lead kakashi... This is the one that counts... I will win this one buddy".

*Gai Runs directly at the juubi just as the scene switches to kakashi charging tobi*

Kakashi thinking: "I can negate hi Time space jutsu and counter his intangible jutsu by attacking at the same moment he does... but I do not have time to wait for him to attack.... I am running low on chakra so I need a way to land an attack... wait, I got it... its risky, but what do I have to lose... Looks like i am going to take the lead Gai... with this attack".

*Kakashi and tobi charge each other then meet head on with kakashi's raikiri missing, going thourhg tobi... just as he misses tobi re-materializes and grabs kakashi's head to drag out his spirit...
However, kakashi grabs tobi from behind to seal hi spirit as well*

Tobi: "What, but ho... I see.".

*Kakashi's kamui is shown draggin his arm half way into it then coming out the exist hole right behind tobi grabbing him*


Next chapter... the end of a rivalry... two true shinobi finish on top...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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