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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Scientist is fayrra? Good to know for the few and far between times I leave OH

SO! Being a girl:

I was given a gift card for a gas station I don't usually go to, and I needed gas this morning.
Usually I pay at the pump and get my own petrol, but when I tried the GC at the pump, it said "not approved." being not a moron I realized that the pump didn't accept gift cards, or the card was faulty, so I went inside to pre-pay.

I wanted to pre pay because:
1) I had no other money for gas but that card
2) I'm really bad at getting the gas to an exact dollar amount
3) if the card was faulty and I pumped gas already I'd be so fucked.

So a male cashier, in maybe his late 30's, early 40's calls me to his till and I hold up the gift card and say "so I guess the pumps don't accept these?"
"in that case I'd like to prepay." I answer
"Pump 13?" he says and starts poking at his computer.
That confused me, particularily because there was a large truck with a fella still pumping gas at #13. "No, pump 11."

He looks at his monitor "there's nothin on pump 11."

I can see how this is conversation is gonna move along super slow, "I know, I tried to pay at the pump with the gift card but it told me it was not accepted, soni pressed cancel and I've come inside to prepay for my gas."

I shouldn't have specified because that lead to the man being interested in what the pump had said. "it shouldn't say that. I'm gonna go out to look at it" Before I could answer/repeat myself an older lady (mid 50's) comes out of the back room and he asks her about gift cards at the pumps.

She answers his question to me, saying "we can only take gift cards inside"

"yeah, I figured that out when the pump told me it wasn't accepted."

At this point the man says "should we send her over to the full serve pumps then?" she looks confused so he says that I should come out to the pump with him so he can take a look at it.

I didn't follow him, as he rushed out the door. I smiled weakly at the lady and said "I just wanted to pre-pay."

"oh!" She exclaims, "we're not set up for pre-payments, but we will be getting that set up in a couple of weeks."

So I went outside to pump my petrol and that guy is still standing there looking at the pump. As I approach him I say, "so she said there is no pre-pay option do I'll just pump my gas and then see you inside in a couple minutes."

"oh, ok," he starts, "So you press 2 to pay at the pump which you are not doing, so you'll need to press number 1, to pay inside, like it says right up here, you just have to follow the prompts." he preses the 1 for me.

"yes, I know, I'll see you inside." I said, trying to hold my tongue.
He continues, trying to reach past me to grab the handle of the pump hose, "you just lift the nozzle and select the grade you want, one of these three buttons down here."

I pick up the nozzle before he can, stick it in my car and select the grade and start pumping fuel.
"yes sir, I know how to pump gas. See you inside."

When I get inside to pay (I managed to pump it exactly the right $ amount! It's a first for me!) he says "so you got it to work then? Pump 11 right?"
I said nothing, handed him the gift card, waited just long enough to be sure it'd gone through and walked away without so much as answering his farewells or other questions.

I don't know if it's because I was dressed like a fucking adorable Lolita this morning, or just because I'm a girl, but pumping gas is almost idiot proof, mother fuckers.

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