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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

I hate to say it but some of you have been drinking a little too much of the kyf fruit punch. If I have to do some serious debunking than so be it. First of all, I will state for the record that this is bordering on theory more than physical proof but at least this is more likely.

First of all, we can all say for certain that the rinnegan was an ability the first sage had before he became the jinchuriki of the juubi. As for how the juubi has the rinnegan lets be honest here. How do you control a powerful beast and keep it distracted long enough that you can seal it? You find a way to disrupt it both physically and mentally enough that you can take control of it. As nagato demonstrated, its possible to take control of someone and remote control them as long as you imbed a suitable amount of chakra rods in order to take control of that person. The side effect of full control of a target is you give that person rinnegan eyes. That is why the paths of pain have rinnegan eyes but on closer inspection you discover they do not have a true rinnegan. That is why the juubi as we see him fighting the first sage has rinnegan eyes. The image we see most often is the image of the sage of the six paths fighting the mind of the juubi for control of its body. That is why the juubi has the rinnegan. Take that away and what do you have left? Just the tomoes which brings me to the next part of this debunk.

Now here is something to consider. Ever wonder why the sharingan has more in common with the juubi than the rinnegan? Well if the rinnegan was with the sage of the six paths before than its safe to assume he didn't acquire the sharingan until after he became the juubi jinchuriki. This explains why by nature the sharingan seems more in common with the darkness of the juubi unlike the rinnegan which is not.

That brings us to the main crux of this situation. Why can't the sharingan and the rinnegan merge to become one eye type? The answer is the same as why the byakugan and the sharingan can not become one eye type. They both have distinctly different chakra signatures that make them different from one another. This is why a merger of them is not possible and anyone who does possess one of each type must use the other ability seperately. This is the reason why tobi had to have an ems eye and a rinnegan eye implanted. This is why madara had to switch back and forth between ems and rinnegan abilities instead of combine them together. He couldn't use both at the same time so he had to shut off one eye type ability in order to access the other. Both of these cases prove that combining the two together is nearly impossible much like the dust element jutsu. The ability in itself is almost impossible and thus even being as powerful as madara are forced to follow this rule despite how awesome it would be to combine the two together. This also explains why tsukyama and amaterasu can not be cast at the same time. Even those two carry entirely different chakra signatures thus why sasuke has always had to use one jutsu while keeping the other eye closed since it requires a fair amount of concentration on one eye just to use that ability.

Now that ladies and gents concludes my opinion on why the sharinnegan can not exist. Kyf's upgrade idea seems nice in theory but if its rules are the same as what my chakra signature theory suggests than its theoretically impossible for it to ever happen. Hope you enjoy the read.

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