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shinobido is an unknown quantity at this point
tobi´s identity

OK I know this is a loooong shot, so please don't shut me down right away... and read first

what about if tobi is just the remaining conscience of the ten tail?

just saying what its his effort in reviving the ten tail, cuase than moon eye plain is just bananas... even more how does he knows so much about the statue gedo? why was he hell bent in get his revenge on the uchihas (the only ones who could control bijus)? and dont you guys think that its weird that big ass colection of eyes that he have?... he also saying that he was madara... ok that was to get the war started... but with what end diminish the shinobi capacities in all villages...

yeah i know thaere are many explanations but waht will be the point of saying that tobi is a character that we have never seen in the series...

ok i could be in 99% wrong about this.. even I see that, but there is simply not logical explanation to get the ten tails together when only the sage of six path can control it
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