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Re: Naruto 594

Originally Posted by krurk View Post
Tobi seems to have some type of hatred for Kakashi now...
So it for everyone including myself who easily assumed the Mazo to be the vessel of the ten tails were correct. Tobi as stated does seem to have some heat against Kakashi. He also knew Guy to be the dude who can't recognize a face and remember them. So that throws out IMO all theories of the Sons of the sage, Kagami and Izuna (who by the databook was stated to be dead.) Interesting....who knows what Kishi will throw out, could be anyone I scratched off. Tobi was fast enough to respond to Naruto's rasengan using his fan?! Didn't think Tobi's reflexes were that great. Cool Kyuubi spoke through Naruto. Their relationship is getting stronger and stronger. Everything else was mostly shit we already knew. Tobi still trying to use his IT genjutsu to (save) the world.hmmmm Let us see if Madara gets a chance to confront Tobi.
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