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595 predictions/spoilers

Hello, I would like to share my prediction with you.

595 History of world
The color scene shows Tobi and Naruto. Who are looking at themself with serious face. Behind Naruto Kakashi, Gai and Hachibi are.
Naruto: I am going to destroy your mask.
Tobi: Try your luck
The color scene shows Naruto, who transform in kyuubi chakra mode v2.(bijuu mode but in human form). Tobi and Naruto are running at each other.
Tobi: Hope, Hero is only dream
Naruto: I make them true!
The scene changes to Madara vs 5 kage battlefield. They are begin to feeling enormous changes which occur in environment.
Madara: ?!, So it is happening, finally Ten tails will be resurected soon.
5 kages: can't be true, so Naruto and Killer bee was captured too
Madara: No..., Jyuubi won;t be resurrected with full power.
Onooki: So, the world everyone will be under genjutsu, yes?
Madara: Yes and No.
Onooki: What does it mean
Madara sitting down on rock: let's me tell creation and begining of world
Raikage: No!, it would be only waste of time. Masked man told us it already
Tsunade: that right, we don;t want to hear same story again.
Madara: So he told you, I am sure he didn't tell you all true.
Onooki: Ok, tell us really true.
Madara: As You know, I deciphered everything, what was written on Sage of six paths Tablet stone.
Madara: First was The God, who existed and exist even now. He was known as Budda.The Creator of this world itself.
Madara: However time passed and Budda created 12 gods, he gave them mastery over one power. Nature elements, as fire, water, earth, lightining, wind. Not only that, Ying and Yang, Death and Life, sun and moon, even light and darkness.
Madara: Before Budda split his power, he created earth and humans. He breaths life into humans, he gave them many things needed to live. The god created even animals, plants and many more on huge mass of earth, continent. He only expected prays and respect from humans.
The scene shows Madara who changes from bored look to serious.
Madara: However humans wanted to be indepedient and steal god power for themself.
Madara: Council of 12 gods watched humans. Humans were ungratefull for gifts from god. Before Budda created special law, which banned any personal gods intervension in world.
Madara: Council decided then to create monster with resemblance of animal.Then they gathered all hate from people and placed in monster. The monster was know as Jyuubi.
5 kages: Jyuubi.
Madara: Yes, however Budda watched suffering, which people experienced from monster attacks. Budda knew that he can't appear in this world and help human, because law confirmed by 12 gods and Budda himself, he was limited. He got great idea, he give his all power one human. Human was simple priest, who was praying more than anyone. He asked gods for forgivness and help. The man was named Rikudou Namikaze, Jyuubi created wars and increased human hate, at the same time he increased fear in human heart. Rikudou got special body and special eyes, even with that power Rikudou couldn't overcome Jyuubi, so he sealed monster. Budda eyes are Rinnangan, Sharingan and byakugan fusion and budda body was Senjuu and Uzumaki and less clans. However...
Onooki: Enough, we knew rest of story.
Tsunade: Sage of six paths was Namikaze?!
A: I can't belive in that story, it is ridicoulous.
Gaara: You said, there was huge continent, so where this continent is?!
Mei: Tell us
Madara: Don't dare to break me while speaking. It was true Kazekage, however Jyuubi split continent in smaller countries. Jyuubi created sea's, oceans. Monster changed all enviroment to look as today.
Jyuubi and Sage of six paths, Destruction and Creation.
Onooki: it is ridicolous what you just said.
Madara: But it is true.
Tsunade: So Namikaze clan is Sage of six paths clan, yes?
Madara: yes, but only sage of six paths possesed that power. However everyone in Namikaze clan was incredibily dangerous. They have umlimited potential to learn and master Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. However Namikaze clan was calm and avoided fight as much as they could. They have little population too, so they died fast.
Onooki: Interesting but, what did happen to Sage and Why don't you care about infinite tsyukomii used by Masked man, you will be prisoned there forever.
Madara: Sage died as normal human, however his power was split in two sons. Sage created and mastered all Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. His speed, stamina , durability. Every Ninja is part of him, Sage of six paths is conection of Senju, Uchiha, Hyuuga(watered version of Uchiha), Uzumaki(watered version of Senjuu), all kg and kekkei totta, all special abilites even sage mode. So I can tell that Sage of six paths is us, all ninja. Whatever jutsu you create it is something which existed with you, but you need to activate this potential. About your second question. I don't care about it , because he is on my side but not only that...
The scene changes to secret meeting place of Uchiha, Naka Shrine. Orochimaru, Sasuke, Jyuugo and Suigetsu are there. They are feeling enormous power comming from outside.
Orochimaru thinking: ?!, Impossible this chakra, it must be bijuu. Could he ressurect this monster?!
Orochimaru: This is bad, Sasuke read tablet and tell me everything what is written on it. While you are reading I am doing Edo Tensei ritual to ressurect your parents.
Sasuke: I agree.
Orochimaru thinking: I hope, there is way to avoid infinite Tsyukomii
The scene changes to Madara vs 5 kage battlefield
Madara: and I posses Rinnengan, Rinnengan protect user from any genjutsu form.
5 Kages: Impossible!
The scene changes to Naraka Shrine, Sasuke finish reading tablet.
Orochimaru: so it is as I thought. Rinnegan protect user from Infinite Tsyukomii. So it was how Sage of six paths fight with Jyuubi.
Sasuke: So EMS is not finall eye power.
Orochimaru: No, but don't worry we know all ingredients and methods how someone can awake these eyes.
Orochimaru thinking: Sasuke-kun your body, inside your body is my future.
The scene shows Orochimaru, who clap his hands and shouts Edo Tensei. Two conffins are comming from ground, they open and reveal Uchiha Fugaku and Uchiha Mikoto.
The scene changes to Madara vs 5 Kage battlefield. Madara unfold his arms.
Madara: Enough of history, time to die or sleep forever! I give you choice
The last scene changes clash of Naruto and Tobi

Final Text say: Origin of World is told, what will happen now?

596 Epic clash: Tobi vs Naruto with full power

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