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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

595: Strength of a hero

Naruto is standing there thinking as they all watch Gedo maza.

Naruto thinking: "I can't do much against Tobi cause he ports just before I have a chance to hit him. I gotta come up with some way that he can't stop me no matter where he goes."
Kyubi: "Im sure no matter what it takes Im with you. I have enough chakra for one more big bijuu bomb if you think that will be enough to take both him and gedo maza out."
Naruto: "?!!!"
Naruto: "Alright Tobi Im gonna show you what a hero is really capable of. No more holding back any longer."
Tobi: "Lets see if you really do have what it takes to stop me or if you are just a winey little brat."
Naruto thinking: "Im gonna need a large supply of chakra for this but the result will be something tobi has never seen before."

Naruto performs a hand sign and suddenly a massive amount of blue and orange flame circle around him causing the very ground to crack around naruto. Suddenly there is a huge flash of light and energy that blinds them all.

Naruto: "Shadow clone army jutsu!"

The smoke clears and everyone including tobi is shocked. Hundreds of clones have appeared on the battlefield.

Kakashi thinking: "What the...I have never seen this many clones before!"
Kirabi: "Woah! Damn...For once I have nothing to say."
Naruto: "Get ready Tobi for the fight of your life. This is shadow clone army jutsu and behind me are 1000 clones. No matter where you run you can't stop them all."
Tobi thinking: "I guess I have underestimated him. Damn it!"
Naruto: "Charge!"

Suddenly naruto and all the clones run towards Tobi and gedo maza. The result of them all running causes the ground to quake.

Guy: "Its unreal. Its like Im in a giant stampede."
Kakashi: "A stampede of over a thousand clones."

The clones create rasengans as they charge toward tobi. Suddenly several hundred of them split off and surround gedo maza on all sides. Several hundred of them jump into the air as the ones on the ground charge.

Tobi thinking: "I have no choice but to try it. Shinra tensei!"
Naruto: "That attack won't save you this time!"

Tobi attempts shinra tensei but the blast is too weak and only destroys 50 clones. The rest charge in as Tobi is forced to port out at the last second as all the rasengans hit at once on gedo maza. Gedo maza screams and suddenly a huge explosion occurs as gedo maza is heavily damaged by hundreds of rasengans from all sides. Tobi reappears a couple dozen feet away as the smoke clears revealing a badly damaged gedo maza. Tobi gasps and falls to one knee as he looks at naruto and the clones.

Tobi thinking: "That last attack was utterly useless and I barely had enough chakra to even use a short burst of it."
Naruto: "One more hit. That is all it will take to destroy gedo maza. Your plan of silencing forever the hopes and dreams of this world dies here Tobi. Its over."
Tobi: "You haven't stopped me yet. I will not allow you to stop my destiny."
Naruto: "It's too late for that! Gedo maza is no more!"

Suddenly a rasenshuriken bursts through the clones heading straight for gedo maza. Tobi charges forward and uses his eye to suck up the rasenshuriken but it explodes revealing a shadow clone that disperses.

Tobi "?!!"

Naruto appears from above and hits a bijuu ball on gedo maza. The blast hits it from above dead on causing it to shatter to pieces.

Naruto: "This is the end for you gedo maza. Time to free those bijuu!"
Tobi: "NOOOOO!"

The explosion knocks back all the clones destroying them and sending naruto flying backward. Tobi ports away from the blast wave just before it hits him. As the smoke clears naruto is standing near a massive crater with pieces of gedo maza all over the crater. Tobi appears at the other end of the crater looking at the remains of gedo maza.

Tobi: "Damn you Naruto! Gedo maza has been destroyed! You will pay dearly for this."
Naruto: "Not if I get you first!"
Tobi: "!!!"

Tobi turns around and gets hit with a rasenshuriken from behind. The blast sends him rocketing towards the center of the crater. Tobi tries to get out of the blast but a second rasenshuriken smashes into him causing both blasts to explode at once. Tobi screams in agony as the huge blast engulfs the crater. As the blast finishes tobi lands on the ground amongst the rubble. His mask shatters away as he lays there on the ground gasping for air.

Naruto: "Got you this time you son of a bitch! This time you are not escaping!"

596: The end of Tobi

If you want the full effect listen to the Naruto main theme from the first series. It adds to the effect very nicely.

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