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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

595 Apacolypz fanfic Prediction

Shattering Dreams

Recap) Tobi who had thought he had the upper hand by reviving the Juubi is caught off guard. Sensing his chakra Madara raced to the scene deserting his battle with the Kages. After a brief confrontation, Tobi has been placed under a genjutsu by Madara. (Revealed to be Tobi's father.) Madara slowly takes the mantle as he fights for superiority over the revived Juubi.

Naruto: SAY WHAT!?
Kakashi: I know it sounds crazy but if Madara cannot stop this beast than it is beyond control. We will sit back and observe both foes until we need to step in.
Naruto: We need to be thinking of a way to seal that Juubi guy!
Guy: Stares at Kakashi as they seem to have something in mind.

A few hundred yards away the Juubi is focusing his attention on Susanoo. Juubi: You know you should be thinking me. Without my power being laced in your genes you would be nothing. Madara: I do not need anything from you to defeat you! You think this power of the Susanoo represents your strength. My strength is in my versatility, weep as I bring forth your demise. Madara pumps his chakra into Susanoo creating large swords. Susanoo now wields three large blades. Madara: ORB OF DESTRUCTION! He tosses the blades in the air as they hold their position. The three swords connect from blade tip to the handle forming what looks like a large three tomoed weapon. The circular device glows and chakra is seen pulsing all around it. Juubi: What is this human thinking? Madara: Can you handle this?

The chakra infused blades become one huge sharingan eye. Madara: Amaterasu! The huge Sharingan eye blinks over and over again. The Juubi sits in confusion. Juubi: What are you doing? Are you that afraid to face me? To think....(quickly notices a sensation over his body!)

Kakashi: I can't believe it!

The Juubi is seen covered in flames that suddenly appear. Madara: My flames grow in one small spot, invisible to the eye. Without the need of air it grows tremendously until there is no escape. My eyes don't need to target you or focus on your position. The Juubi is irate in pain as he moves from side to side. GAHHHHHHH!!!! (screaming in pain) Juubi: YOU THINK THAT CAN STOP ME?! Juubi raises his mouth as the fire is seen racing to his throat. He pulls in all the black flames through one short breath. As the fire is sucked into a sphere and swallowed down his mighty torso a thin ring of dirt is is seen gravitating around him. Kakashi: He swallowed it?!

Juubi gets just a little bigger around the waist. As he shrinks back down to size we see a glimmer of light around his mouth.
Madara: This will be close!
Juubi: TAKE THIS MORTAL! He shoots out the largest bijuudama we have seen! As black flames encircle the blast it hits Madara head on. As the smoke clears we see a forest sprung up all around Madara. Within the Mokuton we see a skeletal frame protecting Madara even more. Madara: TOO CLOSE! IF I DIDN"T USE THE MOKUTON TO TOSS HIS BLAST UPWARD, I WOULD BE.......As the trees burn and the smoke rises a large wooden sickle pierces through the frame of the Juubi. Madara: This is my chance! Madara appears before the Juubi and attempts to pull out it's soul using the power of the outer paths. Madara: This monster is a bit too much. Even using with my Susanoo... his power rivals. If I can seal his conscious, I will have a stronger chance submitting this tool to my will. Madara quickly stabs the beast nine more times turning his fingers into deadly wooden weapons. As he wraps the wood around the body of the Juubi a familiar golden chain is seen lynching the Juubi's neck. Madara notices Tobi at his side assisting him in taming the ravaging beast. Madara (thinking) When did he get free?

Juubi: That is not enough to hold me at bay! Two side tails come smashing down as the two Uchihas dash backward. Tobi: Impossible! To be able to resist me! The Juubi crushes the wooden branches holding him down. Madara: His power is unlike the typical bijuu! No more games! Madara resumes his ultimate Susanoo form smacking the Juubi dead in the face. As the Juubi is flying back he uses six of his tails to keep him on his feet as he drags deep into the earth. Posture maintained he quickly shoots out a bijuu bomb. Madara and Tobi both absorb the technique using the outer path and Tobi's warping vortex. The Juubi sends out dozens of dragons that seek out the souls of his foes. As the dragons race to the Uchihas postion Madara alongside Tobi quickly activate Shinra Tensei negating the jutsu. Juubi strikes the earth causing a devastating earthquake.. Tremors rip the ground apart around the entire scene.

Naruto: What power!
Juubi turns his eye toward Tobi and Madara. Juubi: DREAM REALM! Inside a world similar to Tsukuyomi (spl) we see darkness with a splash of red light. Suddenly a huge Sharinnegan appears in the background glancing on the revealed Madara Uchiha. As the tomoe around the eye begin to spin. Madara: Impossible! To catch me in a genjutsu! What will power! Even this will not work against me! Release! Juubi: You cannot simply just break this...For in here I am God! A pack of beasts approach Madara who is shown hanging on a stake crucified. The beasts begin to eat away at his body as he makes a cry of screams for the first time in decades.

Outside in the real world....

Tobi: The Juubi is focused on Madara sama....this could be an opportune time to make my move. Tobi makes a kage bushin of himself. Both warp to the sides of Madara and the Juubi. Kakashi: Tobi is up to something!!! We have to stop him! Guy: Why?! We can just deal with him and let him deal with the Juubi. Tobi: First father. (In my story Tobi is the son of Madara and an Uzumaki woman.) Tobi snatches out the soul of Madara with ease. Back in the Dream World, The Juubi watches as the agonizing Madara fades away. Back in the real world, Tobi's clone quickly sucks up Madara into his vortex.

Naruto: Di di did YOU SEE THAT! He absorbed the real Madara!
Kakashi: Guy! Naruto! It is time to make our move! The group rush in toward Tobi and the Juubi. The Juubi quickly lashes his tails toward Tobi and Alliance group. Tossing everyone back on their ass, Tobi and Naruto quickly catch foot and continue to head in the direction of the Juubi. Tobi warps to the Juubi's head knocking it with a Shinra Tensei. A las to no avail the Juubi roars at Tobi's attempt. As he phases away to safety, Naruto with hundreds of clones launch in hitting the Juubi with Gargantuan Rasengan Barrages. As the Juubi is smacked with Rasengans he sends out a large bellow that pushes Naruto and the remainder of his clones back. Naruto: WOW JUST WITH HIS BREATH!!!!

Kakashi runs in with Guy jumping on his back launching in for a Leaf Hurricane kick against the Juubi! As the Juubi notices and is about to swat Guy, Kakashi makes a clone and tosses him up in front of Guy. Taking all the damage Kakashi's clone disperses as Guy lands on the ground. Tobi quickly warps in front of Naruto and the approaching Kakashi and Guy. Tobi: It pains me to admit this..but this beast is too much to handle, I will ask for your aide. Naruto: WHY YOU LAME MOTH... Kakashi: We will help! As it stands that thing takes priority over everything right now. EVEN YOU!!! The world is at stake! Tobi looks into the eyes of Kakashi and lowers his head. He laughs insanely, Tobi: Some things will just never change as the quartet head in the direction of the Juubi!


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