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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by Rikudounaruto View Post
The scene shows Gai about to fire Hirodura, when suddenly Tobi appear from underground and try to absorb Gai, few seconds later Tobi stops and become intangible in last second while rasegan pass trough him again. Gai is forced to stop technique and avoid Rasengan which destroy rock. Tobi become tangible again and stretch his arms in boths directons shouting.
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows Kakashi and Gai send flying but they are catched by Killer bee tentacles. Cracks appear on Gedo Mazou statue as it is wrapped by bijuu chakra cloak, Tobi look at Statue with respect.
Tobi: Soon it will be end. Finally peace
Tobi:?!, oh no...
The scene shows reinforcments shinobi of alliance arriving. Tobi is schocked by number of them. Naruto, Hachibi, Gai and Kakashi look at him.
Tobi thinking: Shit, I don't have chance. It is too many of them. The worst is I can't retreat now and I have to protect gedo Mazou while transforming in Jyuubi.
Naruto: Nice to see you guys!
Rookie 11: You too
Kakashi: Enough, We need to destroy this statue first before celebrating.
The scene changes to Head quaters, Ao and other sensor shinobi sense something.
Ao:?!, NO!
Shikaku running from office with Mabui: What did happen?!
Ao: This is horror, I can;t belive it happened.
Shikaku: Tell us exactly what happened!
Ao: Tsuchikage-sama, Raikage-sama, Hokage-sama...
Mabui: What about them?!
Ao: are dead, all
Shikaku, Mabui: NO!!!, how?!
Ao: Uchiha Madara killed them, worse he released himself from Edo Tensei, but somehow infinite chakra and probably regeneration left him.
Mabui: Raikage- sama...
Shikaku: What about Kazekage and Mizukage,
Ao: They are alive but barerly conscionus.
Shikaku: He didn't kill them, why?!
Ao: I don't have idea
Mabui: Something must happened which stop him probably
Shikaku: what about Jinchurkii and Tobi fight?!
Ao: This guy, Tobi fighting with them, but Kakashi Gai and reinforcments arrived there so they are safe, however huge amount of chakra emited by this statue bother me , I have bad feeling.
Shikaku: They have to destroy it as fast as possible, what about Madara, he couldn't simple disappear, where is he?!
Ao: Wait, I searching him..., ?!
Shikaku: what?!
Ao: It is bad, huge and powerfull chakra is comming at amazing speed to Naruto and Tobi location, this chakra belongs to Uchiha Madara, himself!
Shikaku: Shit!, he is monster we need to create strategy.
Mabui: True, however how could we stop imortal with infinite chakra z demi god power?!
Shikaku: We have to think up something, We need to send rescue squad to Kazekage and Mizukage, take Tsuchikage, Raikage and Hokage-sama body and burry them with respect.
Ao: I will tell them about Madara!
Shikaku, Mabui: Hurry up!
The scene changes to Tobi and Naruto battle location. All shinobi are charging at Gedo Mazou.
Tobi: NO!
Tobi thinking: theres is no good, I have to save my chakra to control Jyuubi but I am forced to use Rinnegan jutsu even more.
The scene shows Many shurikens, water, fire, lightining, wind, earth and other special jutsu flying at Gedo Mazou. Tobi disappear and appear fast in front of Statue to protect it. Tobi point both his hands at shinobi of alliance attacks and use.
Tobi: Chou Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows huge and very powerfull schockwave stopping and destroying all shinobi attacks. Schockwave overpower Shinobi jutsu but when is about to touch Shinobi alliance Naruto stop this with bijuu roar. From impact huge cloud of dust is created and floating around. When it fall and disappear, Tobi is showed, he is worn out.
Tobi: Shit!, I was forced to use much more chakra than I predicted to stop these attacks. I still have so much chakra left, bu not enough to stop all shinobi. Jyuubi hurry up and help or I will die. I have to stall them and win as much time as I can. I will lie to them
Tobi: Amazing strength, but I have still much chakra , so I can win this.
Naruto: he is lying!, He know this, look at him, he is worn out. Even if he can still fight and have chakra left, it is not enough to stop us all.
Tobi thinking: Shit, He deciphered me, now what i will do. I need miracle, what did happen with Sasuke, with Zetsu. I wonder why he doesn't respond me about anything, Edo Tensei was released at he didn't appear.
Kakashi: Tobi, give up!, Everyone attack hi?! m
Shinobi alliance:?!
Tobi thinking: Someone very powerfull aprroaching, could it be Sasuke?!
Tobi thinking: Impossible, he isn't that powerfull, so who?!
The scene shows Everyone on battlefield looking in direction from incomming powerfull source of chakra. Suddenly everyone is blitzed and blinded by strong flash light, which fade away slowly revaling Uchiha Madara. Uchiha Madara land on ground, one step next to Tobi

597- True is revealed. Madara and Tobi

What do you think about my predcition??, i know i rushed it, a little. I hope you like it. If you like it, give me "thank you" and write me interesting idea for continuation, if not, write me what didn't interest you, and what would you change.
I know English may not be your first language but if it was.....WOW dude this is the first prediction of your I was actually impressed with. VERY EPIC read man
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