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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

The scene shows Gai send flying still being burn by black flames, while Madara regenerate completly, Madara stand up fast and with furious face activate Perfect Sussano. Seal squad is stop ruining at Madara and begin to escape, but all are killed in one swing of sword. Madara switches back to EMS and absorb black flames from falling Gai , who is hit by Sussano sword and send flying , hit rocks. Kakashi look at his friend dying as well, tear is falling from Kakashi face. In Gai eye tear appear too. They are laying on ground smilling at each other.
Kakashi: It was so close. You was my great rival until end
Gai: My Youth won, however finally I lost my Youth time for new generation to take over our generation, Yes Kakashi
Kakashi: no, you showed him youth, but he cheated us. Goodbye my friend. I will never forget our rivaly...
Gai: Bye Friend. We were konoha best until death...
Shinobi Alliance: NO!!!
The scene shows all shinobi alliance crying, Madara use this opportunity and catch Killer Bee with Sussano hand and go to Gedo Mazo, which changes a lot. ten tails are formed from Gedo Mazou back. Statue skin glow in black colour, eyes begin to move closer to center, slowly merged. When Madara give Killer Bee to Statue. Madara open Killer Bee jinchurkii seal , Killer Be is catched by Satute tail, Statue begin to extract hachibi. Naruto is busy fighting with Izuna. While everyone is sad by death of kakashi and gai
Izuna: don't look around when you fight me, Naruto
Naruto thinking: He is very good at Taijutsu, has great strength<flashback as Izuna kick Naruto away or punch him>. He has great speed and stamina. He is very durable to<flashback showing Izuna tanking punch from Naruto in bijuu mode. Izuna send flying, but keep guard>. He is master of genjutsu<flashback of Izuna capturing Naruto and Kurama in genjutsu>. I Have to try Ninjutsu, but I have to be carefull, he has Rinnengan...
Izuna thinking: Naruto is ver dangerous at Taijutsu, besides this fight will be uselles because wins who has more chakra. so he would win. Genjutsu he can't use, but he is perfect Jinchurkii, so it would be useless. He has great strentgh and speed. I will try Ninjutsu then.
Izuna doing few hand seals and shoot:Fire release: Flamethrower!
The scene shows Naruto avoid Flames and create Rasengan with one hand. Then He add wind to it and shoot it at Izuna. Wind rasengan changes into whirlwind which which attack Izuna. Izuna couter with.
Izuna: Flame relese: Firewall!
Naruto: shit, it won't be easy...
The scene shows Killer Bee conscionous. He stand in foront of Hachibi. many memories appear and twisting around them showing all thier life, relation.
Killer Bee rapping: Sorry, Gyuki. I failed it seems.
Hachibi: No, you were greates rapper and..., my friend and you always be
Killer Bee rapping: My time ends, my life fade..
Hachibi: Bee..., I wish we could live more togehter. I am sorry when I was your enemy.
Killer bee rapping: Gyuuki, you are the best friend, not wild beast.
Gyuuki: Godbye, it is end
Killer Bee: Sorry bro, I am coming to you. Naruto I belive you sucess.
The scene changes to one of Orochimaru Hideout. Sasuke laying on the bed, Orochimaru is smilling at him, while Suigestu and Jyuugo are looking curious.
Orochimaru: Stand up, Sasuke I injected Senjuu DNA in you. Process is finished

Sasuke: that Great
Suigetsu, Jyuugo:?!, your eyes
The scene shows Sasuke with Rinnengan activated in his eyes, however they have only two rings in each eye. Suigetsu and Jyuugo are schocked wile Orochimaru is licking his face.
Orochimaru thinking: Yes!!, he is ready, Rinnengan I will finally learn all about Ninjutsu and discover truth!. Wait for me Sasuke, until I come back from Senin training and do some upgrades to my body.
Orochimaru: I have to leave. Godbye Sasuke
Sasuke:?!, I won't let you leave.
Orochimaru: Why, I revived you parents and give you chance to talking. I helped you activate last doujutsu. I can give you even more power..., but later
Sasuke smirks: Ok, you can leave, I will wait for you
Orochimaru: Ok, I will give more power but first do something for me
Sasuke dangerous: what?!
Orochimaru nervously: Use Sussano, activate your brother,Itachi weapons and release from Totsuka
Sasuke schocked and serius:WHAT?!
Orochimaru: then I will give you even more power, master Sasuke
Sasuke: That better, You are weak and isn't dangerous for me. Ok. I will do that
Suigetsu: Are you crazy,Sasuke
Sasuke: Suigetsu, shut up!
Jyuugo ...
The scene shows Sasuke activate Sussano armored form, with weapons Totsuka sword and Yata mirror. Sasuke then release Orochimaru soul from sword. Sasuke shout release, it creates powerfull white light comming from totsuka, finally soul comming out and go inside Orochimaru.
Orochimaru: Yes, my power is rising. I restore my knowledge too.
Sasuke: Are you happy now?!
Orochimaru licking face: Yes
Sasuke: You are gross, get out from there and bring me more power.
Orochimaru: I am going,see ya
The scene shows Orochimaru leaving them[/B]
Suigetsu: You are crazy, he left to train to be stronger and take over your body.
The scene shows Orochimaru, who is runing through forest.
Orochimaru:That was dangerous. He is much stronger than me. I had to lie to him, but it worked luckily. Luckily Sasuke is hungry power. Soon Sasuke I will be your master, master and owner of our body!
The scene changes to Izuna=Tobi hideout. Kabuto stand next to Yamato.
Yamato:?!, who are you?!
Kabuto: you wake up, finally.I am Kabuto Yakushi, don't worry I am here to help alliance.
Yamato: Don't lie to me.
Kabuto: I am saying only true. I released you from poison which paralyzed you. Now I will prepare special transfer
Yamato: special transfer?!, release me then I believe you
Kabuto: sorry, I can't We would loose special transfer possibility. Special transfer means transfering all hashirama powers from this clone tree to you, Yamato.
Yamato:?!, amazing, but why do you do that?!
Kabuto: Because I have changed the worst nightmare into reality. I ressurected Madara with upgrades via Edo Tensei, but I lost control over him...
Yamato: So you want me to fight him.
Kabuto: yes,because only Hashirama could stop him in past. I know He is now many times stronger, but with help maybe you stop him.
Yamato smiles: I am happy, you changed. I am ready.
Kabuto: Ok, let's begin
The scene changes back to Naruto vs Izuna and Madara vs Rest. Finally Rookies 11 of konoha arrived while Extraction of Hachibi is finished. Lifeless body of Killer Bee is falling on ground. Gedo mazou had 9 tails, but two last tail created only with chakra and small in compare to rest tails. Now Statue has eight tails, ninth in small at chakra. While tenth appear about medium size. As Rookies 11 of Konoha are arriving. Night finish and Sunrise begin with Sun appearing behind Mountains, creating light which blind lightly everyone
Everyone: general Kakashi!!! Gai sama!!! don't leave us!
Kakashi:Konoha rookies...
Gai: Lee...
599 - Hope appears. Rookies of Konoha. Calm before the storm

Wow, I am really suprised by length of my text. I hope you enjoyed reading this. This was last predciton, because I don't have time for continuation;/ sadly.

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