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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

what the hell! i will just bombard predictions from others, hope no one minds:

Naruto 595 prediction: THE NATURAL CONCEPT
The scene starts with Tobi and Naruto

Naruto: Hey Kurama, what happens if the ten tails appears?
Kurama: You don't want that to happen.
Naruto: I wonder.
Kurama: What? Speak boy.

Naruto is gathering natural chakra, his eyes turn to sage mode.

Scene shows the great sage frog

Sage frog: Wel well, the boy is really something, still, he needs help.

Scene swith to tobi.
Tobi thinking: This boy is really something, he gathered that chakra so fast, is like he can....nooo, it can't be.
Naruto: So mask man, are you ready to feel fear?
Tobi thinking: This can't be happening, my eyes deceive me? I must hurry
Tobi: Hey boy, i can make your dreams a reallity, with the infinite genjutsu all of mankind will be free and will leave in peace.
Naruto: I want to see your face before a kick your a..s.
Tobi thinking: this is getting really serious.

Kakashi: hey Guy, did you felt that one?
Guy: Yes, where it comes from is a more difficult.
Kakashi: Naruto, is that you?

Naruto in his head: Kurama tell me one thing.
Kurama: what?
Naruto: is the ten tails that dangerous?
Kurama: Naruto, do you remember how i felt in your cage?
Naruto: I'm sorry about that.
Kurama: well, multiply that by 1000.
Naruto: still...

The scene show's Naruto running through a large hallway, it reaches a circular fountain of light and all the tails are there, and he watches in the fountain. In the fountain we see the ten tails fighting chakra chains.

Kurama:Naruto nooooooo

We see naruto enter this fountain and the ten tails in front of him.

Ten tails: Are you ready to die?
Naruto: Yes.

We see all the other tails viewing the conversation from outside the fountain.

Naruto:Why are you so sad?
Ten tails: is none of your bussiness, and if you try to stop me, i will crush this world.
Naruto thinking about the so6p.
Naruto:So you miss him, dont you?
Ten tails angry: i said is none of your bussiness.

We see naruto grow to the size of the ten tails.
Ten tails: So, this is how it's going to be?
Naruto: This is your choice, i can only show you.
Ten tails:Show me what?

Tobi thinking: I must stop him now.
Tobi making some hand sign.

The scene end's with a cloud of dust from it bursts amaterasu chains going really fast to naruto that is standing in front of bee and kakashi and guy.
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