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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Naruto 595 Prediction: Give it all you got

Tobi: You won't touch the Gedo, I promise you that. *It will only take a few minutes until the 10-tails consumes it.* I'll have top buy it time.
Naruto: Is that a challenge? How about this. If we manage to land a finger on it, you take that mask off!
Kakashi: Naruto, now is not the time for that. We have bigger problems.
Gai: Kakashi's right, we have to destroy that statue quickly.
Bee: Kill it before it kills us yo, lets give it all!
Bee charges Bijuu-dama, Kakashi runs at it with Raikiri, Gai opens the 7th Gate, Naruto creates a lot of RM clones.
Tobi: Come then.
Kakashi: Raikiri spear (Kakashi launches his Raikiri in a sharp spear form)
12 Naruto clones: Fuuton Rasen shuriken!
Gai: Hirudora!!
Tobi throws his fan in the air
Tobi: Go, celestial fan!
The fan smashes down the bijuu dama, intercepting Kakashi and Naruto who are all blown back. Gai's Hirudora is then also sent back at him. Gai dodges and lands near the rest.
Naruto: What the hell,...just like before...that fan blocked all our some robot?
Kakashi: I was afraid of this...
Gai/Bee/Naruto: !?
Kakashi: That fan belonged to Madara Uchiha, the real one. It was said to be the the 6th treasure of the great sage.
Bee: Woah the 6th? I thought there were only 5?
Kakashi: I read the Uchiha table with my sharingan, the fan can only be wielded by Senju or Uchiha, depending on who wields it, it gains a different power.
Gai: So because he's an Uchiha, that fan has the ability to become a shield?
KakashiL: yeah, it seems that way.
Tobi: Spot on Kakashi, as expected. but you forgot one small detail.
Kakashi: And that would be?
Tobi: I am Uchiha, and Senju.
Kakashi: !?
Bee: Uh oh.
Tobi's about to swing the fan
Tobi: I have both the shield and sword. Allow me to show you it's offensive abilities.
Tobi swings the fan
Tobi: Rasenshuriken! Bijuu Dama!, Lightning Spear, Hirudora!
Naruto and co: !!!??
Huge explosion
The dust fades only to show Bee unconscious in front of them.
Naruto: Uncle bee!
Gai: *He guarded us using his full bijuu body.....!!!? Shit..the seventh gate effect is coming in....dammit...I may have to use that...or else.*
Kakashi: I get it now...that's how Hashirama won that battle, he took control of the fan, and Kurama must have attacked it, allowing Hashirama to gain it's power.
Tobi: *! This is bad, at this rate kakashi will figure it out, he has to die. Now.*
Tobi goes into the ground
Kakashi: Everyone! Prepare yourself, he's coming.
Naruto: kakashi sensei, Bee's...
Kakashi: Keep him behind us! We have end this now.
Naruto: Gai sensei?
Gai: Kakashi...the effects are kicking in...
Kakashi: Dammit....this won't work...if it's the end of the world....I have no choice.
Kakashi: Mangekyou Sharinan!
Naruto; Kakashi, don't...I can still fight...Don't use that yet...
Kakashi: Sorry Naruto, it has to end this way. This is our only option. I'm sucking the Gedo into another dimension with myself.
Naruto: NO. I won't let you do it.
Kakashi: You have to, after I do this, finish off Tobi. Besides....I think I know who Tobi is.
Naruto: !??
Gai: ! Ka-Kakashi...behind...
Kakashi: !?
Tobi has his hand on him.
Tobi: It's been fun, but you die here. Old friend.
Tobi starts warping Kakashi away.
Gai: No..shit...
Tobi: Hmm, now, who's next--
Tobi's face is kicked by Gai and he's sent flying back.
Tobi: Wha--what?
Gai has no shirt on and his body has a red aura around him.
Naruto: Holy shit...this chakra....
Gai: If I hadn't opened this gate, I would've collapsed. I should have opened it earlier, and because I didn't I lost my best friend. *Kakashi, I wanted you to see this.*
Tobi: *He cracked my mask* one power up won't win you this.
Kakashi: Make that two.
Tobi: !???
Kakashi stabs Tobi through the chest with a Raikiri
Tobi: How...impossible....
Kakashi: I wanted to try a technique out that was too risky, since it was the end of the world I thought why not, and it worked.
Tobi: You wanted me to suck you planned this all out...
Naruto: What the...that's the same technique Tobi has...
Kakashi: Now I know for sure....I know who you really are.
The Masters give it all.
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