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Re: 595 predictions/spoilers

Apacolypz FanFic Prediction 596

The Approaching Storm

Suigetsu and Juugo stand guard as Sasuke and Orochimaru force the truth from the Guardians of the Leaf. As he stands firm in his place, Sasuke eyes his audience. Hashirama: Amazing, you look just like Uchiha Izuna! I can sense the frustration running through your heart. The dark anger you's menacing. Though you are covered in darkness I can feel warmth in the core of your cold heart. Sasuke turns the other way. For as much as you may yearn to crush the Hidden Leaf, your soul wants to protect it..Saratobi: Sasuke kun, Orochimaru! (Hurizen turns to his former student) You two together?, Many years have passed since our last battle it seems. Orochimaru: Yes back then I was something of a force to deal with. You stole something from me that for years I researched years how to get back. Sasuke: Shodai, I ask that you start, as we speak Uchiha Madara is roaming this world. Shodia alongside the remaining elders are shocked to hear such things. Koharu: So are we fighting against two Madara's. Hashirama: This is severe! If he is not stopped, I feel this world will slip into further turmoil! Sasuke: He matters little to me! I NEED TO KNOW! I HAVE TO KNOW! YOU ALL WILL TELL ME! Sasuke activates his EMS and puts everyone of the Elders under genjutsu.

Hashirama: It started a long time ago. So many clans roaming the earth looking for a place to call home. At that time I was the leader of the Senju. Madara obviously led your clan. I fought over and over with him. To the point I started to acknowledge him and understand him. Madara saw his clan as the superior force. He saw the gifts of our ancestor as his means to lead our Era to a new. After what I thought to be our last encounter, I defeated Uchiha Madara. I became the first official leader of the newly established Hidden Leaf. Madara felt as though the Senju were going to go back on their word and hinder the success and position of the Uchiha. Many times we met and convened over issues within the Leaf. Madara felt opposed by my position and his fellow clansmen. Being as the Uchihas did not want further bloodshed and war they sided against Madara. During this time, Madara lost his love, his brother and his family in his this crisis. The last time he faced me he swore revenge against the assumed dictating Senju.We embraced our final clash at The Valley of the End. I had to subdue Madara's intentions and protect this world from the hate that cycles itself. After our epic battle I split up the Bijuu and declared peace in the Land of Fire.

Orochimaru: Edo Tensei Unseal! From the Earth two more caskets rise. As their covering falls we see Senju Tobimaru and Namakaze Minato. Sasuke quickly puts the two under genjutsu. With their task implanted,Tobimaru starts to speak. Once my brother had passed the mantle of Kage had been passed on to myself. I seeked every avenue to give the Uchihas power and status in the village. In doing so I created the Police Unit. The peace in our village seemed to return over night as the Uchihas flourished. Our council continued to meet as time went on. Some feared the rising power of the Uchiha. With Madara being still fresh in our minds we did not want another uprising. Even though I disagreed the council voted to place the Uchiha clan in their own separate space from the inner village. As weeks went by it became evident that the tension still remained dormant. Our Village now bloomed with diversity. We had many strong clans who possessed such skill and compassion for our beliefs. My own personal squad had Saratobi, Amakichi, Uchiha and Senju operating as one. I felt it was important to set an example amongst the citizens. With unity peace can be welcomed. Though my time was short lived as I believed in the future. I placed my hopes in their strength.

Minato begins to speak, Minato: Over nineteen years ago, the Kyuubi attacked the Hidden Leaf. My wife Kushina was giving birth to my son. The Sandaime alongside his wife were evacuating us for protection. In seclusion we seeked privacy as she gave birth. Dealing with the Kyuubi, once Naruto was born (Sasuke's eyes widen!) we had to immediately strengthen the seal keeping the Kyuubi at bay. Somehow the enemy knew exactly when to strike. Killing the midwives the masked man abducted my wife and attempted to Kill Naruto. (Sasukes bears a viscous frown) He removed the seal and released the Kyuubi from Kushina's hold. Taming the beast the identified foe, Uchiha Madara attacked the village. Being the Kage at the time I had to protect my family and my Village. I fought against Madara and released the Kyuubi from his control saving the Village. Sacrificing our own life Kushina and I made Naruto the next Jinchurriki of the Hidden Leaf.
Saratobi: After the events, the Village was in an uproar. The famed Uchiha Police were noticed to be missing the night of the attack. Danzo demanded answers, and summoned the Head of the Uchiha clan to the Council Hall. Uchiha Fugaku swore loyalty and explained it only as series of nightly training. The Elders and I felt an unease about the situation. Without real evidence of treason the case was dismissed. Most typical life returned to normal. Not until your brother brought news of a Coup de ta. Sasuke shows interest as Hurizen speaks. Your brother knew I would heed any word he spoke of. Being that our families have ties. Sasuke: What ties do my family have with you? Saratobi: Your grandmother was of Saratobi, Mikoto is my great niece. (Minato turns his head in interest) You were named after your Great Grand Father, Sasuke Saratobi. Orochimaru smirks as he listens on. Sasuke: I was unaware of this, so Itachi trusted you eh? What occurred after he detailed you about the Coup De ta? Hurizen: I asked for time, I didn't want to rush my judgement. I wanted to still try to reconcile with the Uchihas. Let alone Danzo had other plans. He forced Itachi to make the ultimate decision. To save his clansmen or to save his brother. Without my knowledge until after Itachi made his choice. The Massacre took place! Hurizen buries his face as tears are shown. Immediately Itachi appeared before me and begged that I look after you. Protecting Naruto and yourself was part of my promise to Minato and Itachi. You two brothers of the same strife. My belief the same masked man was behind the attack on the village and the man behind the Coup De ta.

Koharu: Even after the former Kages, Tsunade tried her best to search and rescue you. Even though she knew your goals they gave their all. Tsunade turned her cheek against your actions for the sake of Naruto kun. His compassion and bond with you reached her heart. It reminded her of the relationship she had with Orochimaru kun. Jiraya fighting decades to retrieve the bond he had created. Tsunade was heavily persuaded to assist Naruto. After the Pain attacked the Village she fell unconscious. Danzo became the unofficial sixth Hokage. Not until Danzo took over did the heat on your name pick up. Thankfully Tsunade has returned to us, she continues to try to heal the hate breeded in this world. (Sasuke thinks back to when she healed him) Sasuke's focus is tarnished as he drops the genjutsu. Speaking freely, Minato: You know Kushina was best friends with your mother Sasuke. She always thought our kids would befriend one another. So, How is Naruto? Sasuke is shocked by this question. Sasuke takes time to respond. Sasuke: He...he....he is my foe and probably the last real friend I have. (Minato is shocked) As Sasuke folds his arms and glances toward the ceiling. I want to fight him to the death, to test his strength...but to also test his heart. Naruto has never given up on me. For years I believed the lies and illusions of others. I never had a real goal, never did I have a true desire. I only yearned to avenge my clan. Though through this time Naruto's only goal was to gain recognition from me. He lost his parents, never getting the chance to love them. He lost everything but fought only to gain notoriety. As much as my heart weeps for Itachi, I finally understand his life. My brother was a hero of the Leaf even in his afterlife. To taint and tarnish his ambitions would besmirch his memory.

Hashirama: The cycle of hate does not need to continue young Uchiha. That bitter hatred in the Uchiha clan has spawned many years or misery and regenerative anger towards each other. The competition that your eyes place on the user is like a genjutsu being placed on the caster. You are full of confidence regarding your power and its potential. The very same look I saw in Uchiha Madara. Though once I saw something different in his eyes. The look of compassion and hope.....Do you still have dreams and aspirations in this life? What future do you see for yourself? How will you avenge the deaths of all that fell from day one? The Uchihas have been cursed since the day they awakened that Mangekeyo Sharingan. Since you awoke your eyes what have you seen? Sasuke: eyes have been drowned in utter blackness. For the first time in many years....I do not long for it. I long for a purpose. I long for friends, and a family. I long for genuine company. Sasuke quickly darts his eyes toward Orochimaru. Tobimaru quickly notices the seals Orochimaru is forming and he finishes them! Tobimaru: OX RABBIT BOAR! As he does this the Edo Tensei seal is broken. Orochimaru eyes widen in disbelief. Oro: I reworked your tags and reinvented the technique. How did you so easily break out of it. Tobimaru: The base of this jutsu remains the same, and as it's creator I tire from being shackled down. Tobimaru while Sasuke looks on frees the remaining three Kages. Sasuke smirks as the Kages stand before him. Hashirama: I ask you one time, what do you wish?

Sasuke: To save the world!

Minato looks on smiling from ear to ear..Sasuke: Let's MOVE! All eight members head out of the Elders office.
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