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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Taijutsu battle was decent, can't wait for a clear translation. Pics are a bit blurry for my taste. Also what was Naruto saying when he was trying to attack Tobi with his clone. Something not being there? What did Kakashi think of when his Kamui didn't work on the Mazo? Honestly Kishi, Kakashi trolls Kamui twice now and Guy won't go 8 gate ballistic? Though his form of numchucks are better than Lee's. They made a crack in it but never landed a hit? Kakashi's rikiri through the rocks was nice. Naruto pulling a small bijuudama out his anus. Decent chapter. Kishi is making Tobi out to be a beast hand to hand. His phasing ability is the only thing saving that ass.
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