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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
And the Obito troll train just keeps on going.

Kakashi wasn't attempting to absorb the entirety of Gedo Mazo, but merely the head/neck area which should've worked. Even the whole "Don't tell me..." seemed to be hinting that he suspected Tobi just overrode Kamui particularly since he was able to tell Kakashi not to bother using Kamui before it was even activated last time they met.
Well for a sec that was my same thought..did Tobi just use Kamui to protect Gedo Mazo?....Certainly something Kakashi noticed. I am starting to think Naruto could use FTG against first I thought his new found speed with Rikudo Mode and Bijuu mode would be enough. Kishi is making Tobi out to be a serious challenge. Kakashi the copy cat ninja, Guy Konoah's Beast And The most unpredictable ninja in the Leaf Naruto aren't enough for TOBI???
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