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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
So it eats souls with a catatonic Nagato on charge but not chakra with Tobi perfectly lucid and incarnating the Juubi to add to it?

Also, it ate the contents of a canopy and a tentacle just fine.

I know you want to defend Tobi=Obito, but confirmation bias isn't the way to do it. There's even 4 possibilities for what happened
  1. Gedou Mazou absorbed Kamui
  2. Tobi absorbed Kamui with Preta Path
  3. Tobi dismissed Kamui with his own T/S jutsu
  4. Tobi dismissed Kamui by being Obito, thus having Kamui
So let's stop this cherry picking and look at things logically.
Numi, what is the trans for that on tobi mask?

Or is it just nothing... (just curious cause i think tobi did something)
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