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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Pretty good chapter. Taijutsu was awesome, and I missed it. I don't believe we had a good fight in ages. Too bad that Tobi is just boring. He has one ability which is annoying as fuck. It would have been better if they fought Madara...minus the whole Perfect Susanoo and shit like that.

It is really a shame that only the strongest are left since all we will see until the end are explosions, Susanoos and Mangekyo Rinnegan Bijuudamas flying around. Kishimoto had an awesome fighting system which worked much better for the lower level fights.

Oh, and Gai is awesome. Nunchuks dildo dragon style ownage.
This is exactly what the hell I've been saying! Besides the 5min limit it's a bunch of crap.
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