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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Because you know Uchiha Madara personally right? People only really started suspecting that Tobi wasn't Madara when Kabuto confronted him with the mystery coffin. Before that there was no reason to assume that he wasn't other than that he wore a mask.
More like the fact Madara was basically Lord Voldemort in Naruto in terms of respect, power, and fear. He tried to take over Konoha, kill the first Hokage, and got the Uchiha distrusted and yet he still had a statue built of him as big the Hokage mountain itself where he was believed to have died. Not my fault you were gullible to believe a bad guy who got treated in such a manner would fight anything like how Tobi did.

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Zero foreshadowing with Fugaku also he's confirmed to be dead.
Plenty of foreshadowing. The fact Zetsu was shown to be able to fake someone's death right under the noses of Killer Bee and Gyuki (I'm sorry, but if you didn't think that was gonna come into play later? Slap yourself). Tobi having a Zetsu body to begin with, meaning his original human form was destroyed or too damaged for him to inhabit. The fact that the Uchiha can deny their deaths using Izanami and Tobi just so happens to have only one Sharingan eye he gives a fuck about. The obsession with Sasuke and Itachi. Fugaku being conveniently absent during Tobi's attack (despite being Chief of Police) and his wife knowing Kushina was about to give birth. Itachi stopping just short of stabbing Fugaku before crying (the death blow is implied, but never shown). Itachi and Shisui running around Konoha with MS, but the leader of the Uchiha supposedly didn't have one even though he was planning to lead a coup.

The fuck have you even been reading?

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
A serious lack of interaction with Kakashi early on discredits any notion of foreshadowing being done in regards to Obito.
You mean besides it being Kakashi that was the first to discover Tobi had a Sharingan?

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
It's only recently (& by recently I mean this fight) that Tobi has even hinted at knowing Kakashi on a personal level. Even that at this point is debatable by simply assuming that Tobi did his homework on the enemy. Then there's also the fact that there was no personal connection between Tobi & Minato when they fought during the nine tails attack.
Tobi told Kakashi to cut that Kamui bullshit out before even used it didn't strike you as odd? Nagato only knew Amaterasu was coming due to the pressure change because of the level of heat.

"Minato is always protecting you. But now I've gotten him away from you." The knowledge he had of the Flying Thunder God and even bringing the chains in advance. Also, Pain treated Jiraya pretty much the same way when they fought.
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