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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
More like the fact Madara was basically Lord Voldemort in Naruto in terms of respect, power, and fear. He tried to take over Konoha, kill the first Hokage, and got the Uchiha distrusted and yet he still had a statue built of him as big the Hokage mountain itself where he was believed to have died. Not my fault you were gullible to believe a bad guy who got treated in such a manner would fight anything like how Tobi did.
Even though Itachi and Tobi both stated that "Uchiha Madara" was a shadow compared to what he once was, as in that Tobi did not have the same overwhelming power as Madara and, as far as it seemed then, that something had stripped Madara of the might he once brandished? The fact that you basically kept telling yourself that the mangaka was lying to you the whole time when no evidence had presented itself is a sign of paranoia, not observation skills.

Also, maybe his "bitch fighting" (a goddamn idiotic statement given that it's a manga about FUCKING NINJAS) doesn't fit with your idea of Madara, but his personality hit the nail on the head. Tobi is arrogant to a fault, just like Madara was said to be, just like Sasuke, Madara's successor, completely is. He wears the "Usual Uchiha Pride" like a badge.

Plenty of foreshadowing. The fact Zetsu was shown to be able to fake someone's death right under the noses of Killer Bee and Gyuki (I'm sorry, but if you didn't think that was gonna come into play later? Slap yourself). Tobi having a Zetsu body to begin with, meaning his original human form was destroyed or too damaged for him to inhabit. The fact that the Uchiha can deny their deaths using Izanami and Tobi just so happens to have only one Sharingan eye he gives a fuck about. The obsession with Sasuke and Itachi. Fugaku being conveniently absent during Tobi's attack (despite being Chief of Police) and his wife knowing Kushina was about to give birth. Itachi stopping just short of stabbing Fugaku before crying (the death blow is implied, but never shown). Itachi and Shisui running around Konoha with MS, but the leader of the Uchiha supposedly didn't have one even though he was planning to lead a coup.

The fuck have you even been reading?
I could ask you the same question.

One, you're making shit up saying that Mikoto knew about Kushina being about to give birth. She didn't. At all. Whatshername Hiruzen's wife bluntly told Kushina to drop the conversation before she revealed such a detail. Arguing the "DEATH BLOW WASN'T SHOWN" is fucking idiocy given that invoking that trope is so common in manga it's pathetic. While the reason for Shisui possessing a Mangekyou Sharingan hasn't been given and probably won't be because Shisui is not important, the fact that the MS was expressly forbidden by Uchiha and Konoha law like Izanagi and Izanami might have had something to do with it. He was probably leading the coup given that he was kind of the leader of the freaking Uchiha you dolt.

And lastly, you kind of fail hard when you go from "ZETSU FAKED HIS DEATH!!!!" to "HIS BODY WAS SO DAMAGED BY ONE STAB THAT HE HAD TO BECOME PART ZETSU!!!" (which itself makes no goddamn sense given that Tobi was part Zetsu at the time of his attack against Minato) and then proceeded further into crazyland with "HE COULD HAVE USED IZANAGI TO SAVE HIMSELF!!!!" which in turn violates both of your previous stated ideas. Not to mention that Tobi is completely out-of-character for Fugaku, especially given the latest iteration of "the truth" from Itachi's memories.

You mean besides it being Kakashi that was the first to discover Tobi had a Sharingan?
Even though every other character saw it at the same goddamn time?

Tobi told Kakashi to cut that Kamui bullshit out before even used it didn't strike you as odd? Nagato only knew Amaterasu was coming due to the pressure change because of the level of heat.
Hey remember how Zetsu can record fights and play them back later somehow? For someone talking about how everyone forgets about the "UBER IMPORTANT ZETSU" you sure do forget piss easy explanations.

"Minato is always protecting you. But now I've gotten him away from you." The knowledge he had of the Flying Thunder God and even bringing the chains in advance. Also, Pain treated Jiraya pretty much the same way when they fought.
Oh hey, the guy who has been working toward a single goal for somewhere in the realm of at least 20 years, if not significantly longer, had a plan? How unbelievably out-of-character! Here's a thought: Kishi has made it pretty damn clear that intelligence and information are the biggest things that all the ninja fight for because of the tactical advantage it gives. Ya think maybe the guy planning to take on the Hokage and the entirety of Konoha alone might have maybe just done some fucking research?
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