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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
For the love of everything good on this planet, people, do not reply to KYF. The guy is recycling already debunked points, let the little idiot be and he'll probably go back to writing fan predictions and actually doing something useful.

In all honesty, I just wished Kishi had something like Oda's SBS to at least rule out Tobi theories that aren't canon. That'd be a brain saver, even if he'd still hold 3~4 people as possibilities.
you should have thrown him on your ignore list a long time ago i did it when he was in the prime of his stupidity it worked out great.

As for kishi ruling out possibilities it's unlikely he's going to milk this thing as long as he can being the end of the manga soon (2 years with the way he stretches shit maybe a year) he's going to ride this wave for a while..

It being obito would be so stupid cause logically it can't be him kakashi was still a kid by the kyuubi attack the one who attacked minato was his height it'd not obito it's shisui whoever this is they do know him but forgot about him probably faked his death.

we know that madara knows him so whoever the the fuck he is has been around since madara's time or at least since hiruzens prime time. then again he may pull something dumb and actually make it obito with some retraded explanation but i doubt it more because i honestly don't wanna see shisui or obito i want a new character we've never seen yet. he has to be an uchiha cause he spams his sharingan shit like crazy..
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