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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
And DANZOU DID NOT HAVE SHISUI'S ARM, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! SHow me where shisui's arm is used because multiple times only the stealing and tranplantation of shisui's eye is mention by Ao, itachi and even shisui himself in the flash back... explain to me why not only why danzou has shisui's arm without any mention what so ever...
But explain why shisui's arm is even necessary when danzou has hashirama's chakra from cell implantation which is the best chakra any shinobi can use... its 10x greater then any uchiha's power... which is why its hashirama's cells that are implanted to increase the power of the SG and not more uchiha's cells to produce more power... this is just a nonsensical argument considering how the manga has portrayed hashirama's power compared to even the uchiha's power...
While the arm itself wasn't Shisui's arm itself, it contained his chakra network to sustain the Sharingan eyes, whose powers were complemented by the Shodai's cells in the very arm. As for the chakra power and potency, it's simply because Senju had the power of the body...
But it makes no sense... think about it... if Uchiha shisui was just a basic uchiha with basic uchiha chakra like that of sasuke, itachi, Izuna and madara then why could they not use the Kotoamatsukami eye as easily as shisui could???
While I agree that he isn't a basic Uchiha, he managed to develop his own unique technique like Tobi has (if he really is an Uchiha). Itachi used Tsukiyomi but Sasuke has never mentioned the technique's name when using his Genjutsu. Thus, we can assume that Shisui's unique MS jutsu manifested differently compared to the other Uchiha.

Itachi's ace was Tsukiyomi, Sasuke has his Enton Release, Kakashi has his Kamui and Shisui had his Kotoamatsukami.
If it was as simple as that then Itachi would of had the power, as a very powerful uchiha, to use shisui's eye regularly too... However, itachi knew that only the power of hashirama was capable of using the eye more then once a decade... which had to be from knowing its what shisui used since everything else itachi had to of learned about Koto was from shisui as well...
That doesn't compute. Either Shisui was just gifted in Genjutsu amongst Uchihas or his Kotoamatsukami was the only Genjutsu that afforded him that unique ability. Removing an Uchiha's eye from the body where it is fueled by Uchiha chakra makes the eye operate much less effeciently with higher requirements. Heck, Kakashi used it for a single fight and passed out after possessing the Sharingan for more than a decade, to accomodate his fighting style and chakra capacity to it. So, for anyone else, the application of a specialty Genjutsu should obviously be very taxing. However, that doesn't mean that Hashirama was needed to perform the jutsu simply because it is a Sharingan jutsu, which is independent of any sort of reliance on the Senju powers. That is like saying, Hashirama's forest jutsus would be made more effective with Uchiha DNA.
plus itachi had no way to know danzou had hashirama's chakra...
That is debatable. After the disappearance of Shisui's body, and to mention his own admittance of Danzo taking his eye, Itachi had more than enough reason to be wary of Danzo. If Ao could identify Shisui's chakra in Danzo's arm with the Byakugan, then Itachi could well have identified the chakra source of Hashirama and Shisui in Danzo's arm. He had the Uchiha eyes and the Senju chakras - the perfect combination.

With all that Itachi knows about Konoha, uncovering the truth about Danzo's misdeeds is rather feasible for Itachi, if he hadn't know it beforehand already.
Think about it, if hashirama's chakra is what it takes to use the genjutsu regularly then its the very power it should take to awaken the jutsu as well... otherwise any other uchiha should be capable of doing the same yet no other has... not even uchiha madara with his EMS or RG...
If Hashirama's chakra is needed to awaken special Sharingan abilities, then would the converse be applicable as well? Uchiha DNA to augment Senju abilities? No such mention of this has been made so its a bit of a moot point. I strongly believe that Hashirama's chakra was used to augment the frequency of the jutsu and maybe its potency on par with the original, however, simply due to the lack of the original Uchiha body, which is the originator of the jutsu.
Nonsensical... really.. how??? So the fact only shisui could create and use Kotoamatsukami regularly which requires hashirama's chakra to do so means nothing to anyone, other then a nonsensical conclusion for it to be used by shisui despite everything...
Already mentioned the context of relevancy of Hashirama's chakra.
Tell me everyone... if shisui was a regular uchiha, with regular uchiha chakra like all the other MS users then why was it only shisui awakened a genjutsu beyond tsukuyomi... the most powerful one known in the manga...??? WHy is it shisui's chakra was mitsaken for hashirama's... why was it itachi explained hashirama's chakra was needed to actually use Kotoamatsukami regularly like shisui... instead of once a decade... and why its been shown hashirama's chakra can take the SG to a whole other level when combined with the SG/MS/EMS as it did with edo madara...
Shisui is not a regular Uchiha. The regular Uchihas are the unnamed Uchihas. Also, comparing Tsukiyomi and Kotoamatsukami can't be compared on the same benchmark since they differ in application, perception and consequence.

Hashirama's chakra was used to ease the effort for others wanting to use Shisui's Kotoamatsukami. His chakra helped in evolving the Sharingan into a different Doujutsu, not augmenting the individual strength of their techniques.
WHy is it with three serious implications of shisui not only having, but needing hashirama's chakra to even have Kotoamatsukami... is it people still believe he has just basic uchiha abilities as well as power???
He was an Uchiha famed for his prowess and techniques, so he obviously wasn't a regular/basic/generic Uchiha.
Explain how this is a logical conclusion exactly??? SHisui can awaken and use Koto easily, but no other uchiha with the same power can... the only logical conclusion is that shisui had such a powerful chakra that it takes hashirama's chakra to equal its power to actually use shisui's Kotoamatsukami... don't you think.....

If hashirama's chakra is required for the use of Kotoamatsukami then shisui himself must of had an amazingly powerful chakra... which is why it had a special color... also why AO could not tell it from the hashirama chakra in danzou's arm and shoulder...

Also, you know why shisui's chakra was seen in danzou's right arm, shoulder and EYE... not because it was shisui's arm or that the power of his eye was flowing into the shoulder and arm... its because the hashirama chakra is what danzou was using to power the eye as its needed due to the power required to use the eye properly... The power being used in the eye was simply due to the fact hashirama's chakra was required to use the jutsu properly... as opposed to any other chakra of any uchiha....

If anything, just explain to me how shisui could create such a powerful genjutsu and use it so easily as its original user... but anyone else besides someone using hashirama's chakra, which is the strongest out there, is required to use shisui's genjutsu as he did too...

I know I keep having to repeat myself, allot, but its no sinking in for some reason...
I've already explained my reasons above. Deliberate on them a bit before responding.

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