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Re: Naruto 595 Discussion

Kyf I kinda agree with Jericho. I think shisui could use the kotoama jutsu more often that once every ten yrs, it probably took a toll on him but I think shisui was extra ordinary uchiha that didn't get the chance to take his sharingan to its max. He has to be strong if he was itachis mentor (iirc).

I think that the jutsu is so powerful that you have to have powerful chakra to use the tech. The only person known to have chakra that strong that all of the old heads of Konoha knew was the first hokoge. That's y oro experimented with it soo much. That's y Danzo needed it to do what he did..

We all kno that if your using someone's sharingan and ur not a uchiha it has a tremendous effect on the body. Kakashi damn near dies from exhaustion using his... If he had naruto or the firsts chakra it wouldn't be that bad... U see? I think kotoama is so strong that even itach who isn't known for being a chakra tank wasn't able to use it like that and they eyes themselves has a cool down time of ten yrs..I mean how old was shisui wen he died? When did he first discover kotoama? 10? 12? Then again at 20 something??
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