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Re: One Piece 676

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Is that Rob Lucci ?

Mid panel right side.
Well was an interesting chapter.

I was a little confused at the DF in the bag scene, were all those DF's or just that one ? But I do like the concept of that weapon now being put into that DF I mean this is CC the guy who worked alongside Vegapunk, the guy who was able to make a gun eat the Dog DF, replicate abilites from DF for the Pacifista the list goes on, safe to say that anything could happen.

And at Dag post. I actually thought that too I mean before the time skip last thing we saw from CP9 was them defending the place they were born, certainly a good amount of time has passed to allow them to move on to New World. Would be cool to see them now.

Is it just me or does Robin and Tashigi look exactly the same on this page ?
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