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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

So on this other forum i go on there was a topic started called "getting Married" about peoples views on marriage and whether or not they want to eventually get married themselves

a girl names Crystal posted this:
"Yeah, I'd like to get married. Probably won't happen though, see my religion is WEIRD. I'm not supposed to have sex till I get married, and every guy I've ever dated has by the third date said "Sex now or I'm leaving for that hot girl over there who looks interested in going home with me."
Guys as far as I've seen are only really interested in sex, not romance or having an actual family (heaven forbid I have children to keep them from partying it up all the time)So... I like the idea of marriage and would very much like to have a family. But I don't see it happening. "

i will now show you my answer, but the really interesting part is the reaction.

And i thought religious people were supposed to be the intolerant ones
his interpretation of the church also sounds highly catholic influenced.

i doubt it, but if any of you are actually interested in seeing the whole convo (i only read crystals posts and a few others) the link is here

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