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Re: Naruto 597 Predictions/Spoilers

Naruto chapter 597: "Tobi's true power"...

(scene showing tobi looking at the damage to his arm...)

Tobi: "Nice shot but..."

*Kakakashi, gai and naruto look in Horror as the little damage they finally gave tobi disappears*

Naruto: "What the...".

Kakashi: "SO that is how it is... You did fuse your own body with hashirama's cells as the Intel squad said... I did not want to believe that the power of our first hokage could be used in such a corrupt way... you will pay for that..."

Gai: "I hear that... no one...".

Tobi interrupts Gai: "Enough... just enough... If my MS is no longer a challenge then perhaps its time I show you what the RG can really do...".

*Kakashi has a bad feeling... naruto, Bee and gai are too stupid to understand the challenge that lay before them so as usual they sit there smiling*

Kakashi thinking: "I thought tobi could not use his RG properly... if he was holding back this whole time... and we have so much trouble with just his MS... along with hashirama's cells which should give him an almost unlimited chakra supply of the highest quality chakra ever known to the ninja world"..

Kakashi in a cold sweat: "We have to retreat, now...".

Killer bee: "Retreat, but we are winning, fool, ya fool..."

Gai: "What, but we have him on the ropes kakashi...".

*Naruto begins to sense the impending danger as well... he starts to back up slowly...*

Tobi: "No, I won't let you run now...".

*as Kakashi tries to grab up naruto and run with him... Tobi T/S travels in front of them, blocking their escape root and lifts his hand and gives a wicked stare*

Tobi: "SHinrei... Tensai..."

*Kakashi and naruto are frozen in fear while Gai and bee are still looking like everything is OK*

Gai: "Whats the problem you g... ahhhhhhh"

*SHinrei tensai blows them all back with devastating force... as tobi immediately appears behind kakashi, naruto looks in horror... kakashi is skewered through the chest with the grip end of his fan... kakashi spits blood*

Naruto: "No.... I won't let you".

*Naruto asks kurama for power and he gets it all, naruto explodes back into full kyuubi yellow flash mode... this time though, there is no chakra barrier and all the power is used to fuel naruto's attacks and defense*

Naruto: "I am coming kakashi..."

*Naruto explodes forward with a huge shushin that sends tons of ruble flying off into the other direction, with a huge rasengan, attacks tobi head on... but tobi easily absorbs the rasengan with hungry ghost realms ability... then transforms his other arm into demon realms mechanical puppet arm which shoots the hand out, grabbing naruto by the throat, then pulls him into another mechanical arm that sprouts out of the other, punching naruto which sends him flying into a boulder*

Tobi: "Wait your turn uzumaki naruto... kakashi is first because he is the only true threat here with his T/S jutsu that can counter mine".

Killer Bee: "Wahoooo.... Fool!"

*Bee charges in as the hachibi, tries to smash tobi with a single punch, however, tobi merely look at bee, draws Bee's hachibi punch in, in hachibi mode, into his T/S jutsu... they disappear into a swirling vortex of space and time..."

Tobi: "That is one down, one to go..."

*Gai suddenly appears behind tobi in 7th gate mode... he throws a kick at tobi, but it goes right though him and tobi pulls kakashi, who is on the end of his fans grip that has pierced him, directly into the path of Gai's kick which hits kakashi, knocking him off of Tobi's fan and into the ruble..*

Gai: "Oh no... kakashi... you son of a bitch... fine then, if that is how you want it... 8th gate release".

*Gai begins to release his final gate, gate of death, but tobi draws him in with bansho tenin, then lands a spinning elbow strike to Gai's diaphragm which causes him to spit blood... sending him flying into the ruble as well*

Tobi standing over a annihilated battle field of fallen enemies: "This was always going to be the end result... now to capture the kyuubi".

*Naruto is back up, but he has lost his full kyuubi yellow flash mode.... he is in basic Rikudou mode.. Tobi draws closer and closer to naruto as he stands frozen with fear, unable to move... but kakashi is back on his feet in the back ground*

Kakashi: "You may be stronger then me, but I will still not let you win... brace yourself naruto... KAMUI!!!".

*Naruto is startled as he is drawn into kamui's alternate dimension... tobi rushes over to try and nullify the jutsu by phasing naruto out of reality, but hes too late... tobi is livid and kakashi is smiling, knowing he took the kyuubi from tobi...*

Tobi: "You bastard, what have you done..."

Kakashi collapsed: "I have saved naruto from you... haha, too bad, you almost had him...".

*Tobi is pissed, he walks over to kakashi, stares down at him then kicks him, sending him flying...*

Tobi: "You know your going to pay for that... Instead of finding a way into that dimension to get him now, I am going to punish you for everything... you have been a thorn in my side... now suffer.."

*Gai is seen slightly conscious as kakashi's screams can be heard on the other side of the battle field... Gai struggles to stay conscious*

(scene changes to madara's battle field, everyone is lain out defeated except the Raikage who is using his super mode to avoid genjutsu, amaterasu and shinrei tensai...)

Madara: "How long can you keep this up huh? You may have a bijuu level chakra source to draw from, but my chakra stores are endless in this body... so run, run for your pathetic weak life... because its only a matter of time before you fall as well...".

(scene changes back to Gai struggling to stand as tobi has kakashi by the collar of his vest and is walking over with him to Gai... but behind a small boulder is Ma frog... she is up to something)

Tobi: "I have played long enough, the juubi will awaken soon and I want to be there... so, time to end this....".

*Tobi raises his hand as if to finish off kakashi, but a tongue attacks tobi, phasing through him though, grabs kakashi, pulling him away from tobi*

Tobi: "What are you doing here you vile creature".

Ma frog steps out from behind the boulder: "I am here to stop you... and make sure you do not harm kakashi and Gai".

Tobi: "You... stop me... really!?!".

Ma frog: "Oh not me sir... haha, the one who you forgot about and has been training to stop you... and he will stop you".

Tobi: "do you mean naruto!?!? That fool is in another dimension somewhere, he is there until I rescue him myself you f...".

Ma frog cuts tobi off: "Hahaha, do you think you are the only one with T/S capabilities... naruto summoned Pa frog to that dimension and told him everything, then I summoned Pa frog back to see where the hell he went... Pa told me everything, we made a plan and the plan went perfectly... naruto used us to bring food and water in and out of the dimension so he could train as hard as he wants there, without any chance of him being interrupted...".

Tobi: "Train... he has been gone a half an hour... thats how long it has been since kakashi drew him into his kamui dimension... there is no way he could... unless, no way... it can't be the time flow..".

Ma frog: "Precisely boy'o... Naruto has been gone for thirty minutes here, but in that dimension he is in, time has passed by much much faster... he has been there three months... hell, he even celebrated his 17th birthday...".

Tobi: "Three months... but then what could he possibly do with even three months against me... hahahaha...".

Ma frog: "Not much, just master "that jutsu" his father passed down to him because it was too much for even he to master...".

Tobi: "Minato's unmastered jutsu... You cannot mean... I cannot allow this".

*Tobi charges Ma frog, but she uses the summoning jutsu... a huge blast of energy blows tobi back as a powerful yellow energy is shown as the smoke clears...*

Gai trying to stand: "Naruto, you made it back...".

*Naruto has returned... in full kyuubi yellow flash mode, with a scroll on his back, longer hair, Pa frog and a look of pure confidence...*

Naruto: "Its time to pay for what you have done tobi... WIth the kyuubi's power and my father's jutsu... and with kakashi, gai, Ma and Pa at my side... you have no chance...".

Tobi Laughing: "I don't... then we should even the odds and take care of these fools so they do not get in my way..".

*Tobi attacks kakashi and Gai as they lay on the ground helpless with a huge shinrei tensai that blows everything away... but they are gone... tobi looks over to see them with naruto as he drops them both after rescuing them*

Tobi: "But how... he managed to rescue kakashi and Gai with the FTG, but there was no seals placed... no kunai thrown... how did he do that..".

Tobi: "Fine then... lets see you rescue all of them at once hero!"

*Tobi charges up and releases another shinrei tensai, but this time naruto puts up the kurama chakra barrier he used to protect them from the bijuudama's... Tobi is suprised again*

Tobi: "That barrier can stand up to shinrei tensai too hunh... Then I will just have to try harder...".

*Naruto suddenly steps out of the barrier, separating him from the kyuubi which supises everyone including tobi*

Tobi: "Now he can separate himself and his bijuu in bijuu mode... its as if they... share the same... chakra... but how?!?! I need to calm down and think of a strategy to combat this new speed and ability".

*before tobi can draw a single conclusion naruto appears in front of him with instantaneous speed... tobi and naruto are face to face... ready for the battle of all battles...*


(Next chapter... Its Tobi with the body of hashirama and the ocular powers of his own MS plus nagato's RG... Vs Naruto, with the power of the kyuubi, his fathers jutsu and his ninja way to never give up... Who will win this epic clash...)

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
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People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
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