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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Upon reading I would kind of agree with Jerk on some levels.

There's plenty of experience that you should sexually get before going into a serious relationship like marriage. The probability is simply against you unless you guys talk about it and get really in-depth with analyzing about how you imagine your sexual life will play out, and even then it's probably just one of those things you have to experience first to know for sure.

So waiting to have sex until marriage is already kind of stupid, assuming axioms like: sex is an important part of the relationship for you or your not some form of 'asexual.' or the reason for marriage is NOT that it has nothing to do with a romantic relationship with sex as an important part of it (financial reasons or whatever).

But then add in the fact that you're doing it because of a religion. Ugh. You have reasons for doing it that are completely unfounded and not grounded in reality as we know it.

But let's say that even if you take out religion, the idea of waiting is important to you. Why, then? Loosing your virginity isn't that big of a deal, based on evidence and reality. As long as you have safe sex, and are generally cautious about who you sleep with, there shouldn't really be anything serious that you lose out of it, logically anyway. Oh, and you also have to be decently mature (I can see how this might be a relevant problem for some). And second, the whole idea is that sex is sacred, but isn't marriage supposed to be, also? Why would God want you to go into something where in order to do one of those sacred things well or decently intelligent, you may have to break the sacredness of the other one?

I don't see the whole obsession with pointing out, "It's a choice, a choice!" It being a choice doesn't make it any less stupid. In fact, if it weren't a choice, it would be less stupid to do it, because you/they don't have a choice in the matter. Now, do I care if you want to wait? No, but I do think that technically it is considered stupid, somewhat-ish. Just like anything that is solely based on emotional weakness or appeal is stupid. I do stupid things like that all the time, but you should admit it's just one of those stupid things that you want to do because of emotion, or whatever.

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