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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

The girl's problem stems from the current society's horribly powerful emphasis on sex as the crucial portion of a relationship. The whole "won't put out on the 3rd date so I'm gone" or "have to test the goods before you buy the product" are horribly outdated and simple thinking of people who want to have sex not have a relationship. I mean, think about it:

"You better have sex before entering into a long term relationship/marriage because if the sex is bad the whole relationship will suffer and fail."

Seriously? Kids these days. You know what happens when you get married? You have LESS sex. Not because you don't want it, but your priorities in life change. Home ownership, parenting, the fact that you are getting friggen old, etc. If you based the choice of your marriage heavily based on sex, once the sex life slows, you're probably going to be less happy. Wouldn't be surprised that most divorces occur because A) after the sex there is nothing in common B) they loved the sex that when it waned they wanted the excitement back and left for someone else.

People can have completely healthy and reward relationships without sex and, quite honestly, when put less emphasis on sex, they develop stronger happier relations with another. If there is physical attraction, the issue of sex will work itself out - this girl wouldn't be the first to ignore a religious decree to get some. To chew her out because she has a faith that says "don't do it" even when most is a moronic display of distain.

If someone wants to wait, I'm prefectly ok if they tell me a magic man tells them to. It doesn't affect me. If someone tells me their magic man tells me that I should wait when I don't want to and my partner is willing, THAT'S when you get to call them crazy. Atheists need to accept that people are going to believe in god and so long as it doesn't impact their lives, they can stop calling people stupid.
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