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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by UzumakiUchiha View Post
Diedara lost his arm and got it back. Kakashi used his kamui and transported his hand to another space (much like how yondaime did with kyuubi bijuu dama). When tobi made an appearance soon after he told him not to touch his arm. So I meant, diedara retrieved his lost arm after he escaped.

p.s. Don't remember much but I thought diedara exploded and kakashi sucked him with the explosion.

Diedara placed a dummy explosion near Konoah nins so he could escape. Using the blast to evade the area. Also the dummy as you said Kakashi sucked up with Kamui. It was something Diedara had to do being surrounded by team Gai.

That part wasn't explained properly. From what it looked like, kakashi made the rasengan dissapear while tobi was intangible, then when he became tangible, it hit him. Thats what i think happned.
That is obviously what happened, the debate is did Kakashi warp it into the dimension and back to Tobi or did it go in the front door of Kamui and in up in the back door (reverse shoulder attack).

Kishi is def planting a connection between Kakashi and Tobi...either they share the space of Kamui, Kakashi's eye can only warp things, Tobi's if Obito right eye can suck, warp, and transport items. Being that Tobi uses his eye for more than offensive attacks it can be assumed as stated above Tobi can reverse the technique Kakashi uses.
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