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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

my 2 cents on the 4way battle:

muu/oonoki has nuke
minato/kkashi has space time jutsus
jman/naruto has excellent taijutsu (sage mode)
sarutobi/oro has lots of jutsu.

all 3 teams except muu/oonoki team are from konoha, they would defo take out muu/oonoki team first. 2 vs 6 is a settled debate even if they have nuke. so it becomes a 3 way battle.

orochimaru is a human sandbag, and he has edo tensei. sarutobi is old, but he can do death god jutsu. i say their team wins, orochimaru holding back the others, while sarutobi summons death god. game over, unless minato can counter summon. if sarutobi is successful with the death god jutsu, Orochimaru wins.
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