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Re: One piece 677

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
That caught me off guard.

I was expecting Kidd to eventually join with Luffy and Law for a repeat of SA, but that's Oda for ya. Their alliance will not be a solid one, at least at first glance. Maybe that is the point, keep it fragile for a twist later on.

It would be crazy for 5 Supernova to engage the same Emperor at the same time, I hope it doesn't go down that way.

Good set up chapter. Law can definitely plan ahead.
I was thinking the same due to what happened in SA with Law, Kid and Luffy fighting the Marines together. But Oda pulled another sweet twist so I cant help but wonder if Law and Luffy will team up with someone else.

Perhaps Kids and Law alliaince's will both hit Big Mam and fight each other ?
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