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Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

598 - Fatal mistake
The first scene shows Naruto in bijuu mode, who is rushing at almost light speed as light blur at Tobi, Tobi become intangible in last second. Naruto pass through Tobi stopping himself few feet away. Gai is shocked and spechless, Kakashi is heavily breathing while Killer Bee is rapping about yellow flash
Naruto: Damn you..., it was so close
Killer Bee: I only see yellow flash you are the best, wee!
Tobi thinking: Shit, it was so close I felt his chakra on my mask, one second more and he would hit me! even using sharingan with abillity to predict...
Tobi: You are really fast Naruto, You have almost equal speed to Fourth Hokage Hirashin, but difference is you are moving so I can see your path of moving but I couldn't when I fought with your father beacuse Hirashin is Space time Ninjutsu as mine, it make you disappear from one place to appear in another in same seconds. I mean While you are using physical speed you lose few mili seconds enough for my sharingan to barerly see.
Naruto thinking: Damn, Father you was really awesome, but I will get him somehow because I am your son!
Naruto: Let see If you can counter my next attack
As Naruto see Gai and Killer Bee begin to rush: Please, Don't interfere in my fight with him while I am in bijuu mode, because it would be too dangerous.
Gai:?!, ok
Killer Bee: Shit, you are so mean.
The scene shows Naruto, who rush at Tobi again with great speed. Tobi become intangible again, suddenly Naruto stop moving before Tobi and stretch many chakra arms to surround Tobi from all sides. Naruto is shouting in Kakashi direction to send all his rasengans kept by kyuubi arms with Kamui but Kakashi respond after moment and do what Naruto asked him to do. As Tobi is physical in other dimension, suddenly rasengans begin appearing in his dimension from all sides.
Tobi:?! oh no,shit!
The scene shows Tobi bodys slowly disappearing in other dimension at slowly appearing in real world at the same time. As Rasengan almost connected with his disappearing body in other dimension ,he appear in real world is about to be smashed by Kyuubi arms from all sides Tobi use
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows Naruto send flying back but he stops using kyuubi roar to cancel Shinra Tensei. Shinra Tensei repelling force created dust cloud which cover Tobi completly. When dust of cloud dissappear Tobi is not visible anywhere. Naruto focus to locate him, Killer Bee changes back to v2 bijuu mode and jump to protect Kakashi, Kakashi switches back his Mangenkyou sharingan to sharinagan and close this eye, opening his normal eye while sweating and heavy breathing, Gai notice Kakashi about to fall and rush fast to keep Kakashi standing.
Naruto thinking: Shit, I understimated him because He didn't use Rinnengan. Now I have to be more careful and I know he can use Rinnengan.
Naruto turns to falling Kakashi, while Gai rush to catch Kakashi: Are you alright Kakashi Sensei?!
Gai thinking: This is bad, Kakashi used all chakra amount and worse He and I took soldier pills, so he can't fight anymore. Should we retreat?!
Gai turns to Kakashi: Kakashi, all you allright?!
Kakashi barerly conscious while sweating: I am fine besides all chakra I used. Worse is bad side effects of using soldier pills I begin to feeling now.
Killer Bee: Yo, weird beast and sharingan man, I will protect you man, wee!
Hachibi: Shut up Bee, and focus on fight!
Killer Bee: Easy firend I will do my best,wee!
Naruto:?!, shit!
Killer Bee:?!
The scene shows Tobi, who is appearing from ground comming between Killer Bee and Gai, stretch fast arms with one pointed at Gai other at Killer Bee and use
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
Killer Bee:damn!
Naruto: No!
The scene shows Gai and Killer Bee send flying away from Kakashi, Naruto rush to help Kakashi when Tobi is about to kill barerly conscionous Kakashi, Naruto comming closer , Tobi move fast his warfan while waving chain which is connected to warfan. When Naruto is about to hit Tobi, Tobi become intangible, so Naruto pass trough him again. As Tobi become tangible war fan is flying at Naruto back but at the same time Kyuubi arms created and comming from Naruto back are bout to hit Tobi with Rasengans in once in all Kyuubi arms. Tobi notice this fast turns back to Kakashi and use Pretta Path absorbing Naruto Rasengans. When Naruto is about to hit by war fan Kakashi use last chakra and cut chain which move war fan with last Raikiri, war fan fall on ground. When Naruto is about rush at Tobi with amazing speed, Tobi finish absorbing Rasengan and noticing incomming Gai, Killer Bee and Naruto about to rush, Tobi use Asura Path and create three mechanical arms, which shoot projectiles and lasers at them. Naruto stops moving and protect himself with both arms, Gai is activating fourth gate and protect himself while Killer Bee protect himself with tailes. Attack of Asura path create dust cloud which cover all battlefield.
Naruto: Damn him!
Gai: Shit!
Killer Bee: it is damn Rinnegan again!
While Cloud of Dust is floating around after explosions
Kakashi: ekh..., ekh... What did just happen
Kakashi lifting head up:?!, you!
Tobi: I am about to kill Kakashi, you was dangerous foe so I want you to not bother me anymore.
Kakashi is noticing black rod appearing in Tobi one hand: I see..., so Why did you become so evil, why Obito!
Tobi:?!, You are wrong Kakashi, I am not Obito. However now when you about to die I will tell you.
Kakashi throw Kunai at Tobi ,but Tobi dodge easily:?!
Tobi: Don't try Kakashi, it is futile. Now I will tell you, I am Uchiha as well as was your friend Obito... but I am more experienced and more old. I had grudge against Uchiha clan but once I got this eye, I wondered why he give you sharingan and accept promises from you.
Kakashi:?!, so you have to be Kagami Uchiha, Obito dad!
Tobi: You are wrong again..., however Kagaimi Uchiha once was my spy, and work for me. Changing back to topic, He entrusted you some things, one was care about girl named Rin, but you failed and only did more and more regrets after all
Kakashi: I see, so you found out about Obito Sharingan ability thanks to his dad working for you. But how could you know about my promise and more?! tell me!
Tobi noticing slowly falling dust of cloud: Alright, but it was last. Zetsu spied you all time, it was try for this world, if someone from Uchiha can entrusted something to someone who isn't Uchiha himself and you failed, forcing me to act as you can see now!
Kakashi: Damn..., but Who are you?!
Tobi: No more questions!
The scene shows Tobi piercing Kakashi close to heart with black rod, Kakashi use all power left him to dodge so Tobi didn't pierce his heart. As dust cloud completly dissappear Naruto, Gai and Killer Bee notice Kakashi pierced by Tobi. Gai begin to cry and rage rushing at Tobi with all his power, but Tobi become intangible so Gai fly through him. Naruto become mad and rush with light speed hitting Tobi, who thanks to using Shinra Tensei at Naruto decrease his speed deacreasing strength of punch which send Tobi flying back. Naruto and Gai appear fast around Kakashi and looks sad, while Killer Bee in bijuu mode v2 charge at Tobi get back to feet. While Killer Bee attacks Tobi. Naruto and Gai are listening Kakashi last worlds
Naruto: Kakashi sensei, how do you feel?
Gai: Kakashi, Tell something, please don't leave us!
Kakashi: Ugh..., Gai don't cry, death will come for everybody it is natural. I have only regrets that I couldn't rescue Rin and I can't accept that my friend eye, Obito sharingan is enemy weapon which help him destroy and evil win...
Gai, Naruto: ;(
Kakashi turns to Gai: Please smile, You are my great friend and eternal rival, so don't die too fast. You are strong please take revenge for me and kill him. Use your Youth is and always will be great power
Gai<tears falling from his face>: Kakashi...
Kakashi turns to Naruto: Naruto, I happy as your sensei, because I grown up in great Ninja, your thinking is even better now, hehe. Just joking You need to learn more versality, discover second affinity and learn more jutsu. I am sorry that I couldn't be good sensei so Sasuke would be here but you inherited will of fire, you are future Hokage, you are almost ready to be Hokage. <getting serious> Please kill this man and try to restore his sharingan for hidden leaf vilalge. You can do this, and remeber you can't fail because you are his son<image of Fourth Hokage appearing behind Naruto>
Naruto<tears begin to fall from his face>: Sensei...
Kakashi: fight well and give everything to stop these guys. I believe in you, goodbye...
Gai: Rest in peace my friend, I will take revenge for you!
Naruto: Thanks for everything Kakashi Sensei...
Meanwhile Tobi vs Killer Bee
The scene shows Killer Bee in v2 bijuu mode charging at Tobi, Tobi use Shinra Tensei but Killer Bee stop himself thanks to tails impaled in ground, then he charge again Tobi become intangible and Killer Bee fly through him. Tobi become tangible and turns around fast using Asura Path to creates 8 mechanical arms, which every mechanical arm catching one of Killer Bee tails. Tobi use then pretta path and absorb Killer Bee chakra. As Killer Bee can't move Tobi is absorbing Killer Bee chakra
Killer Bee: Oh no, I got in shit!
Hachibi: Damn, it is all your fault, you shouldn't try to attack alone. Worse I can't even comunicate to Kurama or Naruto. He probably blocked this with Rinnengan somehow
Tobi: hehe, Nice for you eight tails to help me with my plan.

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