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Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

The scene shows Killer Bee , who reverts back to normal. As Killer Bee was released he used all eight tails and attack Tobi with them, Tobi avoid all attacks but is unable to counter. Killer Bee even land few cuts on him, Tobi is suprised that even with sharingan he can't avoid sword attacks. Tobi uses asura path and creates eight arms again and catch all Killer Bee swords,then he absorb all Killer Bee swords in same way as Gai nunchaku. Killer Bee notice samehada and rush to catch it, but Tobi is faster and absorb Samehada too
Killer bee: Damn you masked freak for me you should be weak, wee!
Hachibi: Bee, I have no more chakra left it is bad in many ways.
Tobi thinking: Great, eight tails is almost captured so even if Gai and Naruto coperate and attack me, there will be two enemies at max. Besides Jyuubi process of ressurection is half done, it will take probably little longer than before because Jyuubi have to merge with Hachibi.
Tobi: Time to give up, eight tails
Killer Bee: No way!
The scene shows Tobi using Banshou Tenin on Killer Bee pulling him. Killer Bee try to use Ink but absorb this while Killer Bee is pulled.Tobi catch killer bee for throat and choke him ,Killer Bee use Raiton element to paralyze Tobi but Tobi use Pretta Path and absorb Raiton element. As Killer Bee is almost choked out Tobi throw him at Gedou Mazou direction. Gedou Mazou catches Killer Bee almost lifeless body with hands and throw him in Gedou Mazou mouth.
Killer Bee: Forgive me, Naruto you are saviour so only you can rescue this world...
The scene shows Kakashi is dying slowly after last words. While Gai rage more and more. Naruto notices Killer Bee thrown by Tobi and catched by Gedo Mazou hands. Gedou Mazou swallows Killer Bee before Naruto eyes. Naruto is shocked and shouts
Naruto: No!!!, Killer bee!
Tobi thinking: Damn I used half of my amount of chakra, I need to save my chakra. Controlling tailed beasts, using six paths Jinchurki and now Rinnengan techniques adding some space time Ninjutsu...
Tobi: he...he...That it, Now Jyuubi will be more powerfull
Naruto: You will pay me for that!, <turns to Gai>?!
Gai is about to open eight inner gates: YOU!, I WILL KILL YOU!
The last scene shows Maito Gai, who is about to open eight gate. Powerrfull energy emitted while opening gate push everything away. Tobi barerly stand up with chakra in feet, even Naruto feet power comming from this, but bijuu mode is even more power so.
Gai: Eight gate: Opened!

What would happen next?!
What power will Gai release with eight gate opened?!

599 - Power of Inner eight gates

Eh..., I probably rushed it in few places, so it is not exactly described as I wanted to wrote, but I used my only free time to wrote this so please enjoy. I hope You enjoy reading this, I tried my best, so Have a fun. Please give me comments, what did you like or dislike in my predcition and give me thanks or send me idea for continuation.
If you want to me write continuation just write this in comment.

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