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Talking Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Chapter continuation from page 71

Naruto Fan Fic Chronicles: Naruto VS Sasuke part 2

Scene continues where we left off with Naruto high up in the trees and Sasuke down on the ground with renewed spirit looking up at his Friend and Rival….

Sasuke Yells!!

Sasuke- Did you hear me Naruto?…. Get your ass down here and fight ME!!!

Naruto- I heard you the first time Sasuke…. I could do that but why should I have too, I have the higher ground, i have the advantage, so I’m not going anywhere….

Sasuke- then I will just have to knock you off that high perch of yours….

Naruto waves his hands at Sasuke as to say come and get me…
Sasuke appears to have bitten off bandages from his wrists…. while Naruto makes Four clones that line up on the branch looking downward… Sasuke reveals to have a seals under his bandages. Sasuke yells..

Sasuke- Summoning Jutsu Lightning Release Flash blade Creation!!!

Sasuke starts to pulling shuriken out of his wrist and throws them up at Naruto at blazing speeds, Naruto Realizes that these aren’t ordinary shuriken but lightning infused shuriken and he counters them Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere and by having every clone and himself inhaling and then Exhaling to producing multiple wind bullets that are knocking the shuriken off course…. Naruto catches one of the Shuriken, looks at Sasuke and says….

Naruto- My turn….

Naruto produces five more clones that lines up with the rest of them they each pull out one Shuriken and infuse it with Wind chakra they toss it at Sasuke…Sasuke begins to Laughs….

Sasuke- What is this Naruto, this won’t do Shit to Me…. Naruto Stop holding Back!

With That Naruto Smiles and says quietly

Naruto- Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu

With that those Ten wind infused Shuriken Multiplied into Ten Thousand Wind infused Shuriken heading straight for Sasuke…. Sasuke quickly does a partial double hand Sasunoo Mode blocking most of the Shuriken however blocking the shuriken has caused his Sasunoo hands to crack… Sasuke lowers his hands to regain his sight on Naruto up in the trees to only see one is Standing there while all the others have surrounded him and are rushing straight towards him… We zoom in to see Sasuke who has now transformed in his complete Sasunoo form and Yells…..

Sasuke- Blaze Release Magatama!!!!

We cut to Naruto who is still up In the trees and shows No Reaction
Sasuke starts flinging Black Flame disks at Naruto’s Clones, and though Naruto’s clones Dodge most of them the constant bombardment of Sasuke’s flaming disks was just too overwhelming that the clones were decimated…. We cut back up to Naruto in the Trees, he has a large smile on his face… Naruto produces two more clones and yells down at Sasuke

Naruto- This is the Sasuke I remember, your will to win every fight, That anger, that attitude that makes you not give your respect so easily, it is what made you the person who I admired most and is exactly why I am the person you see before you today….. This is my Final move Sasuke, my chakra is running low….

All three Naruto jump down and while the two clones go and block Sasuke’s Left and Right flank…. Naruto immediately sits downs and seems to gather natural Chakra….. Sasuke shocked!!!

Sasuke- No you don’t!!

Sasuke goes dashing off straight for Naruto in his Sasunoo form trying to prevent him from going into Sage Mode….

Sasuke- you think I will willing let you go into Sage mode Naruto…. Because there is No chance in….. What the Hell!!!!

In the corner of both Sasukes Eyes he See’s two Very Large Blue spheres coming straight for Him….

Sasuke- Rasengan!!! So predictable Naruto….

Sasuke with both Sasunoo Hands grab them out of thin air making sure that the Rasengan’s does not Touch him, and eventually both the Rasengans disappear… Sasuke looks up at both of the clones and see that they are still smiling and simultaneously saying something to him….

Naruto Clone 1 & Naruto Clone 2- BOOM!.... Shadow Clone Great Explosion !!

With that the two Naruto clones explode in Sasuke’s Sasunoo Hands causing them to be completely destroyed and useless… However Sasuke himself was not harmed from the blast…. Sasuke still in shock looks to see that Naruto has not Moved a muscle and still seems to be gathering Chakra…. Sasuke who seems to be getting tired as well… drops his Sasunoo mode, Unsheathes his Sword and vanishes only to quickly reappear in front of Naruto who still has not moved…. Sasuke is now staring down a Smiling Naruto….

Scene cuts to Hinata, Karin, Makura, Koudo, Satoru and all the onlookers…

Satoru- I have not seen Naruto have this much fun in the longest time…

Hinata- Yes, he does seem to be enjoying himself that smile is unmistakable… However This is not like Naruto….

Koudo- what do you mean Hinata?

Hinata- Just look at him he has not moved for three minutes…. He’s given up!

The scene cuts to a zoomed out view of the crowd watching the match and all of a sudden the crowd erupts with laughter………..

Scene cuts back to a stunned Hinata…

Hinata- why is everyone laughing?

Karin- HAHAhaSnort They are laughing at you…

Hinata starts to blush …

Hinata- why?

Koudo- well they are not laughing at you but what you said about Naruto…

Satoru- Yeah, are you sure you Know Naruto?!!


Satoru- because don’t you know Naruto Never Gives Up!!.... Just keep on watching Him!!
Check out my Fanfiction from the very Beginning on page "37" in Naruto Fan Fiction Thread and it continues on pages "47,49,57,61,62,63,70,71,72"

Thank You and Enjoy

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