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Talking Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Chapter continuation from page 72



We pan around to see Sasuke Standing Over a smiling Naruto…

Sasuke- Get up and Fight Me Naruto!!! Or hand over your Bell!.....

Naruto- I’m sorry I can’t do that….

Sasuke- Which one can’t you do?

Naruto- Both…..

Sasuke- What?!!

Sasuke bends down and angrily rips the bell from off his waist turns and starts to walk away…. But stops when Naruto says…..

Naruto- are you ready for round three?!....

Sasuke- hmph…. What are you going on about…. You Gave up….. I took your bell…… I won!!!!

Naruto- Did you now?

Sasuke open up his hand looks at the bell then turns and looks back at Naruto…. Naruto is smiling with eyes wide open and waves to Sasuke and disappears in a puff of white smoke…. Sasuke quickly opens his hand and looks at the bell only to see that go poof as well…. Sasuke is looking all around the field

Scene cuts to Hinata and everyone else….

Hinata- where did Naruto Go?

all of a sudden we hear the crowd roar with Ooh’s and Aah’s and pointing at the battle field…...We cut to Sasuke who looks towards a section of the waterfall that the crowd is pointing too and See’s that Naruto’s head is Slowly emerging from the fall, we zoom in on Naruto face and zoom in even further focusing on the eyes to see he is now in Sage Mode….

Sasuke- when…. When did you plan this Naruto?

Naruto walks completely out of the waterfall and on to the land about twenty feet away from Sasuke… Naruto shakes his head to get water out of his ears and says….

Naruto- What you say…?

Sasuke- When did you switch with a clone?

Naruto smiles…

Naruto- Oh… It was my Second move… So I guess right after the Hidden Mist Jutsu.

Sasuke- but that was at the very beginning…

Naruto- Yep…Hehe

Sasuke- Then why not attack me sooner?

Naruto- why would I…I was learning your moves, strategizing and tiring you out… This was the perfect time to reveal myself , and im sorry Sasuke but this match is just about over….

Sasuke- we will see about that…

Sasuke envelopes his blade in lighting and swings it…. The blade makes the dreaded chirping sound….

Sasuke- its over when I have your bell Naruto!

Naruto Nods

Naruto- Nice blade…. Let me show you mine.

Naruto makes a fist… And throws his fist to the side of him as if he was about to do a clothesline…. And all we see is that the waterfall behind him cut in half…

Sasuke- hmph…

Naruto- Your lighting blade is good Sasuke, but my blade of wind will just cut you up….

We see Sasuke getting agitated and we see one his sharingan change and as soon as it changes his bade of lighting is now covered with black flames

Sasuke- hmph…. Your blade is eh ok I guess but honestly it’s not your style…but MY Amaterasu lighting blade will own you and it fits me PERFECTLY!!!

Naruto nods a couple of times and smiles

Naruto- you know what your right…. This Jutsu fits you perfectly it shows your control, your mastery of the blade and the power of the Uchiha… and me fighting with a blade does not show any of that. However ….

Naruto transforms into his Nine Tailed Shroud Mode

Sasuke looks stunned and backs away from Naruto..

Naruto- This Mode here fits me PERFECTLY…

Scene cuts to Hinata and the crowd

Hinata- is that the Nine tails cloak?

Satoru- I think so…

Hinata- You THINK?

Satoru- yeah this is my first time seeing it.

Hinata- Really?

Koudo- to be honest not many have gotten the privileged or even seen it long enough to know what this mode actually looked like Hinata, that shows how much respect Naruto has for Sasuke, because usually when Naruto uses this mode Sasuke would have be done in a flash and Naruto would be back to normal already…. But Naruto is showing Sasuke the Respect he feels he deserves for going all out against him in this match by finishing him with all the power he’s got and nothing is as powerful as Nine Tailed Sage Shroud Mode….

Satoru- what I heard about this mode is Naruto’s physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability dramatically increase. That Naruto can also harness the natural energy surrounding them, turning it into an extension of their body, which increases the reach of their attacks, which increases even more with the Nine Tailed Shroud itself… I also heard That Naruto gains the ability to sense chakra around them and anyone with Negative thoughts….

Koudo- all True… But you must remember the most important advantage to this mode Satoru… Because Naruto will never let you or anyone Forget it.

Satoru- what’s that?

Scene cuts back to Naruto and Sasuke but we still here Koudo’s voice

Koudo- He is always being watched over by his friend Kurama…..

Naruto- I will end this quick Sasuke….

Sasuke- really?... you think that little of me Naruto that it would be so easy for you to take this bell…

Sasuke opens his stance and points the Amaterasu lighting blade towards the ground and pours more chakra into it… Making the Amaterasu lighting blade more like a whip, with long strands of lighting breaking off from the blade but encased in Amaterasu…. Sasuke starts whipping the blade around in attempt to keep Naruto at bay…

Sasuke- Bring it Naruto, but be warned if you get even slightly touched by this it is all over

Naruto smiles, and face palms himself…

Naruto- you are making this a little more difficult, but I would expect nothing less from you….

Naruto sticks out his hand towards Sasuke….

Naruto- it will be over in five moves Sasuke….

Sasuke- Five Moves don’t be ridiculous that's Just insulting…

We cut to Naruto’s hand where we see four Mini-Rasenshuriken sprouting from his four fingers, and are thrown in the direction of Sasuke…. Sasuke whips his blade around causing three of the Mini-Rasenshurikens to be instantly devoured by Amaterasu’s black flame… While the last of the Mini-Rasenshuriken almost hit Sasuke in his Midsection but Sasuke Flipped out of the way causing another waterfall to collapse…. Sasuke looks over at Naruto who is standing with his arms crossed now…

Sasuke- that was four… you only have one move left, to get my bell…

Naruto- Actually I’m all out of moves….

Sasuke looks down at his waist to see that the string has been cut from the bell… He looks back up at Naruto to see that two bells are now dangling from his waist…

Sasuke- when did you… I did not see you... I did not see anything, how could my eyes miss it….

Naruto- do not be so hard on yourself Sasuke. you defended it better than most. But once I sent my Mini-Rasenshuriken’s your way I knew you would be distracted… so while the first three grabbed your attention the fourth cut the cord on the bell, but as I thought and hoped you would do you dodged it before it expanded which gave me plenty of time to get the Bell without you noticing i even moved….

Sasuke- Sighs…..

Naruto- Good match Sasuke….

Sasuke- if you say so….

Naruto- I'm not saying it... Look up there, listen....

Naruto points upward to Hinata, Karin, Satoru, Koudo, Makura and the ever growing crowds… Which is now in an uproar Screaming Naruto and Sasuke’s Name….

Crowd- That was Awesome….

Crowd- who would have thought that Naruto would be pushed so far to go into Nine Tailed Sage Shroud Mode….

Crowd- This Sasuke is amazing…

Crowd- Did you here Sasuke is the Last of the Uchiha’s

Crowd- NO WAY!!!

Sasuke looks over at Naruto and nods and smirks

Hinata- That was awesome you guys!!!

Hinata and the others land and start running over and surround to Naruto and Sasuke… Naruto Nudges Sasuke who is panting from being a little out of breath. Sasuke looks over at Naruto and says

Sasuke- What…

Naruto- when do we start my Fire affinity Training?...

Sasuke- …..What?!!

Hinata- Your kidding right?!…

Makura- Boss never kids about training.

Sasuke- where do you get all this energy… Because I am running low on energy myself….

Everyone starts laughing….

Scene of Naruto Sasuke Hinata and the other fades out….

Scene cuts to a black screen

Then cuts to a calm piece of water…. We zoom on the water to see tiny ripples getting larger and larger by every second…. We pan out to see a figure emerge from the water…. It is white Zetsu … and he is caring something…

Scene cuts to a Dark room where all we see is two glowing eyes, one Sharingan and one Rinnegan….

???-WE Got it….

???- Good, Now bring him here and Make sure that no one from Amegakure see’s you Zetsu….

Zetsu- As you wish….

Scene fades to Black

Thoughts comments always helpful.... Thank you
Check out my Fanfiction from the very Beginning on page "37" in Naruto Fan Fiction Thread and it continues on pages "47,49,57,61,62,63,70,71,72"

Thank You and Enjoy

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