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Re: One piece 677

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I don't think Bonney is incarcerated. Going by the outfit she got after the TS, it seems like she is incognito, basically in hiding. I think Bonney will have a bigger part to play in the main plot line. The way Akainu spoke to her and the nature of her powers could mean that she could keep the kings that founded the WG alive through the centuries.

That is one theory anyway.
From the brief exchange between Bonney and Akainu I was under the impression that someone high up was looking for her, as in like her father or something but I mean high like the guys who were talking about who could stand up to BB before the time skip or even the guys who wanted Moria out of the picture.

But I agree from the photo of her showing her attire she looks to be in hiding, heck she might even be with Dragon or something because nobody has caught him and from what we have seen from his men they all were cloaks with hoods.
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