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Originally Posted by Narut0360 View Post
Sounds good KiddJutsu...
Ok here we go sir. First off, this sh*t continues to be a new fanfic must read. I appreciate how detailed you were with the fighting. Since I'm used to Vishnu, J_H, & Jericho in the forum its a must that you bring it which you did thoroughly. I like the control Sasuke has with his Blaze element. You expanded on it and it looks like somebody besides Naruto will get a vicious ass whooping from that. And you have Naruto seriously acting smooth as silk. He's not flustered, he's dictating the fight on his terms, and most likely hasn't even brought out the big combinations either.

A few areas I'd recommend from my opinion unless you have another direction in mind:
-Since Hinata is there with the rest of the Uzumaki, Keepers of History, maybe she can get some crucial knowledge and we can see the Byakugan as something more than some super powered binoculars.
-Introduce a special Uzumaki fighting style now that Naruto has his family inserted into the storyline. Kinda like Frog-fu for Sage taijutsu.
-The Sage toads could have a killer combo move with Naruto like Ma & Pa frogs with J-man.

I'm very excited to see your direction. Its 100% different than anybody elses that's been posted and its wide open to so many things.
So when is the next installment sir? I'm psyched for it.
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