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Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Rikudo - first off its once again a hell of a read. I appreciate how you are making this not only action packed but full of the drama. You completely did in both Guy & Kakashi which I'd have preferred not to see but dammit if I don't like how you have the last chap finishing with them seeing their students for the last time. What that should do is provide serious inspiration but also cause somebody to get a bit erratic and get a smack down too.

You've got a mystery man appearing now which I figure is Madara making his appearance to that battle site. But you could go all Vishnu with it and throw a nice smooth curve ball to throw it all off. A couple things, now that you've introduced some Uzumaki special talents into the picture with Naruto, are you thinking of something from the Namizake side since Kurama apparently knowledge of that clan?
Also, why hasn't Naruto mastered a FTG variation? It would have been something potentially nice to use at this point with the grand daddy monster reborn & Tobi on the offensive? Or I could be jumping ahead of you. Either way, please keep the party going with this. Good stuff......
Thank you very much I really apprectiate your comment. It is my style to write action with drama, and I like it. Exactly I killed Kakashi and Gai but after They accomplished a lot. For example Kakashi found out Tobi Space Time Ninjutsu weakness, helped Naruto and even forced him to use Rinnengan. Gai destroyed fire Uchiha barrier, forced Tobi to use Rinnengan, which took a lot chakra from Tobi and He gave Naruto oportunity to destroy mask. Besides I wanted masters and eternal rivals to die together being inspiration for their students and all young generation.

Yes Mysterious Man is Madara, Mysterious beacuse there is little people who can recongnize him, but for now he appeared as mysterious man. Yes I really wanted Naruto to know more about his Uzumaki clan, special talents. I made regeneration and strong life force as Kekkei Genkai, although Senjuu clan has strong life force too. Yes I want Naruto to know more about Namikaze clan too, but it is all mystery. People who want to know what is this mystery just read my continuation. Yes ,you are jumping ahead of me, because soon his dad heritage will be priceless so please read next my prediction.

I don't have much free time but I will try to find some and write continuation but it would be last one;/. Nevertheles be patient and wait.

600 - Tobi identify finally revealed and mysterious man appear - comming soon...
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