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Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

600 - Tobi identify finally revealed and mysterious man appear
The first scene shows Madara, who is standing close to Tobi, they are turned back to each other. Blows of winds move Madara hair all cloak while Tobi hair are moving as well. Tobi mask is all shattered, mask is falling down in front of Alliance Shinobi and Naruto. They are all heavy breathing beacuse finally they can know who is enemy. blows of winds around battlefield, earth shaking from Gedo Mazou power as well as raining and ligtinings appearing on sky get even more drama and climax. As Tobi mask completly fall down on ground, Everyone from alliance shinobi have schocked face expression.
Madara: Long time no see brother
Tobi: I didn't expect you there, but I am glad you are here.
Madara: So it was sucess after all
Madara: I see, you don't know about it...
Tobi: What do you mean, brother?!
The scene shows Sakura rush to Kakashi and begins to healing him while Ino jump to Gai and begin to healing him. Rest of Rookies come as well and are looking sad.
Sakura: damn it, this black rod impaling in him, decrease my healing.
Ino: same to Me, Sakura.
Kakashi: he...
Gai; uh....
The scene shows everyone looking at Madara, who is about to speak
Madara: Hn, After you gave my eyes you died some time later as blind man. I felt bad about it and it was my fault, so I searched way to ressurect you. I read special tablet stone and then I found out that with Rinnengan you can control life and death, then I searched what is required to get Rinnengan and I discovered it was Senjuu DNA, then I decided to steal Hashirama DNA so I fought with him. It was not only one reason behind it but Hashirama DNA needed for Rinnengan was last trigger to do that. I fought with Hashirama to get his DNA and I succed but lost in this battle.
After that I tried to connect random Uchiha with random Senjuu, after few failures finally it was succes, then I injected Senjuu Hashirama DNA in myself, it didn't work easily as I thought. I suffered a lot, Senjuu Hashirama DNA tried to take over my body so I have to fight for control over body. Finally It stopped and I was totally schocked when I saw my eyes in mirror. They changed to new design, which was eye filled grey color with few circles. Fast I realized that these eyes become Rinnengan. First part of my plan was succed, then I begins to collect sharingan eyes. While that I learned a lot about jutsu, Ninja world and more, even creating Plant Ninja made from White part(senjuu DNA) and black part (Uchiha DNA). I called him Zetsu, which soon provided that he is great spy. He spied everyone while I was working on my plan. I begins to wear mask then I helped one Uchiha man called Itachi kill Uchiha clan, however Itachi was too gentle to kill his parents so I killed them. When I read stone tablet again then I discovered technique called Rinne Tensei, which can ressurect someone. I took your body planted sharingan in both your eyes, then I injected Hashirama DNA in your body. After everything was prepared I used Rinne Tensei but something went wrong and I died... Price for using this technique is chakra, amount of chakra required to ressurect someone is directly proportional to time passed from this person death. This day I died..., What did happen to you after my death?
Random ninja: What?!, this is really Madara Uchiha, and that monster could ressurect someone?!
Other Ninja: frightining, Is he god?!
The scene shows everyone listening Madara and Tobi speaking.
Tobi: After you died. I was well informed by Zetsu, about everything you did: creating mist of village, Uchiha clan massacre, your fight with First Hokage, fight with Second Tsuchikage, Third Tsuchikage, killing first Raikage, killing first Kazekage and many more. I couldn't use fire affinity and other powers because Senjuu Hashirama DNA tried to take over my body so I had to wait until process was finished. I begins to create plan to destroy Konoha, Zetsu informed me about Nagato Uzumaki who has Rinnengan, my brother eyes, which was orginally mine. Zetsu informed me about Uchiha Madara spy in Konoha called Kagami Uchiha and told then I took your name and used it and took mask on. First reason was to make people fear me, second was everyone know that I am dead so it could bring attention if I use my name. Once I met with Kagami Uchiha, I worn same mask as you brother so he belived that I was you, He give me information about village, Senjuu clan, Danzo actions and more. When procces of accpeting Senjuu DNA by my body was finished I begin to work in shadow. I found out about Kagami Uchiha and he has son named Obito. This child begins to changing my thinkings, but soon Danzo Killed Kagami Uchiha and Uchiha Kiti, who was his wife. I ordered Zetsu to spy Obito, so he did. Then third war happened, when I was testing sharingans suddenly Zetsu appeared and tell me about Obito Uchiha and guy called Kakashi try to rescue girl called Rin from Iwa Ninja, I wasn't interested but he mentioned Obito awaken sharingan, so I went with Zetsu watch and check this boy potential.
Kakashi thinking: so He spied us, bastard...
Izuna: However fast I realized he has no talent .When he was crushed under boulder Kakashi took one his sharingan and left with Rin, I killed few Iwa Nin while zetsu appeared from ground and took Obito other sharingan then we escaped from there, when Many Iwa Nin are cooming there. I tested few sharingans some of them has special power but nothing interesting until I tried Obito sharingan. Fast I developed it from two tomoe to three tomoe and soon it changed to Mangenkyu sharingan, then I discovered amazing ability it has, Space time Ninjutsu which could make me invincible. I stopped on this eye and mastered it to maximum potential, this eye let something pas through me without touching or injuring me. This eye let me easy travel around world and finally this eye let me go to other dimension, where time flow was really slow. One minute in other dimesion is equal to one day in this world, Senjuu DNA almost stopped my aging process.
Madara: You got amazing eye, Izuna I am impressed.
Kakashi squeeze teeth: You... bastard... thief...
Gai: Ka...ka...shi...
Madara: Shut up worm, he is my brother so look out what you say!
Izuna: Back to topic. I searched for Ninetails and discovered Mito Uzumaki had it, so I found out more and more about Uzumaki, then I found when seal is the weakest. It is moment when woman born children, so I found location where next jinchurki Kushina Uzumaki was and should born child. There was hell of fight with fourth Hokage , Minato Namikaze. I lost this battle but I retreated but He died as well as Kushina.
Naruto: You fucking bastard!, I will kill you for that!
Madara narrows his eyes on Naruto: So you are Nine tails Jinchurki, and this time real not clone.
your shroud remind me Sage of six paths from drawings on stone tablet. Moreover He is from Uzumaki clan and even ancient Namikaze clan..., interesting
The scene shows Naruto about to rush but Kakashi shout at him to stop. Naruto stop and talk with kakashi
Naruto: Why did you stop me?!
Kakashi: Naruto, do you remember that information is very important, and is even more important while fighting with enemy.
Naruto: I see, so we have to listen and find out weakness of them.
Kakashi: great you are clever boy..., come here pull this black rods off my and Gai body, so we can help
Naruto: Kakashi sesei, I come.
The scene shows Naruto appearing close to Alliance shinobi forces close to Rookies. While Everyone from Alliance Ninja is cheering for Naruto. Rookies of Konoha except Sakura and Ino come to naruto.
Shikamaru: It is bothering to do, but nice to see you ,Naruto!
Naruto: You too Shikimaru. You almost didn't change at all
Shikimiaru: heh
The scene shows Naruto is laughing while Shikamaru has bored expresion on his face
Chouji: Nice to see you, clever Naruto
Naruto:?!, you too, slim Chouji
The scene shows Naruto and Chouji smilling at each other
Kiba: Nice to see Naruto, my rival. Thanks for caring for enemy now I will take care of them baka
Naruto: Nice to see you Kiba, too. But everyone know you are baka not me now
The scene shows everyoneof rookies laughing even Kakashi and Gai.
Shino: Hi, Naruto I am here to help you because you are from Konoha as me
Naruto: Oh..., hi,.yy..., Shino.
Naruto thinking: He is weird...
Ten Ten sad: hi, Naruto we heard that you fought well
Naruto smile to her: Thanks, you got nice fan which fits your pretty face
Ten Ten: Oh, thanks. You are handesome too.
The scene shows Ten Ten is huging Naruto
Neji: you are really amazing, you changed you destiny from looser to become powerfull shinobi is genius indeed
Naruto: Thanks Neji, I hope Hyuuga clan rules change even better.
The scene shows Naruto and Neji are shaking hands.
Ino: Naruto, I have to admit you become handesome and powerfull shinobi
Naruto: Thanks Ino, you become even prettier and skilled kunoichi
The scene shows Ino is hugging Naruto. After that she fast comes back to Gai and heal him
Sakura trying to smile: Nice to see you Naruto I miss you
Naruto cheer her: You too, Sakura I am happy you are right
The scene shows Sakura is huging Naruto tightly, but release him after moment and comes back to heal Kakashi
Lee: Naruto-kun, Nice... to see.. you
Naruto:?!, Lee... <turns to look at Gai> I know it is hard for you when your sensei is dying.
The scene shows Naruto put hand on lee arm to cheer him up. While everyone was greeting with Naruto. Hinata stand backward and watching.
Hinata thinking: He is so handesome, I love him, but can I really do it?
Hinata: Naruto, Nice... to see... you
Naruto: You too Hinata, I missed you so much and I love you...

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