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Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

Minato Return's


Minato, " i knew you could use the Kyuubi's power to stop him..."

Naruto, " i'm not relying on the fox power anymore. Im gonna be strong on my own!"

Kakashi, " if your body wasn't suppressing the fox you would have four times as much chakra."*

Kurama, " use my power Naruto, you can do it!"

Naruto, " I'm gonna be the most powerful Hokage one day!"

Present time.

Naruto is in Kurama mode then suddenly stops. Everyone is looking as he goes base mode.

Naruto to Kurama, { i appreciate your help, but i still plan on freeing you. I gotta be able to handle guy like this without your help if i'm gonna be Hokage!}*

Kurama to Naruto, {now isn't the time, just train after this war. *Right now you gotta beat him!}

Naruto, " yea i gotta beat him."

Gai, "why is Naruto doing?!"

Kakashi, " I have no idea, but i hope he does."

Bee shouting, "this ain't the time for stage fright, attack with all your might!"

Tobi, " what do you think you can do against me all alone. Without kamui you stand no chance. In that form you are no where near strong enough."

Naruto, "you have no idea what I'm capable of!"

He does multi shadow clone. They all swarm him, it is at least seven.

Tobi, " the results will not change because your angry."

All the clones pass through Tobi with each attack. *Tobi takes out each one.*

Naruto is stilled focused.*

Kakashi, " come on Naruto, if you have a plan do it now!"


Kakashi, " channeling your chakra to different points in your body *has various effects and uses.

We see young team 7, running up the trees in part I, Tsunade punching a rock, and Raikage fully charged stopping Naruto from getting by.

Naruto, "got it."

Tobi starts to charge Naruto, " enough of this. Kakashi, someone else you were supposed to protect*
Dies on your watch!"

Kakashi, " dammit, Naruto get out of there!"

Gai and Kakashi start to rush to interfere. Tobi swings his war fan into rubble causing it to spread out blocking the two Sensei.

He then swings it straight at Naruto.*

Naruto calmly, " let's..."

The fan is right at the bridge of his nose.

Suddenly, Naruto uppercuts Tobi who is several feet away at the end of the chain.

Tobi is shocked and sent flying upward, he is met by Naruto and...


Tobi, {dammit, it is just like then! How, he use no seals, no kunai how?!}

He crashes down into the ground, causing a trench.

Kakashi, " how did he?"

Naruto is suddenly right beside him, "
You taught me how Sensei, its as easy as climbing a tree!"

Kakashi, {he is channeling his chakra to his feet? But he would have to use it to enhance his senses and reflexes at the sane time. Also it would take an extreme amount to cause the much speed!}*

Gai, " looks like Minato Namekaze returns, in his youthful offspring!"

Tobi is getting up, " you share his speed, but what else do u have?"

Naruto smiles, "well , you could say, I'm a natural."

He goes Sage mode, "Sage Arts: tiad stomach summoning!"

The ground surrounding them turns into the stomach lining of a toad.*

Tobi jumps into the air when suddenly...

"water bullet!"

Naruto is seen just above Tobi, spouting a giant bullet of water towards Tobi.

Then we see Naruto an two clones on the ground preparing a rasenshuriken.

Tobi evades both attacks, " all for nothing."

Naruto, "those weren't for you!"

The two attacks collide causing a huge hurricane like chakra storm.
Tobi is intangible, {dammit this chakra storm has the same properties as the rasenshuriken, it attacks on a cellular level. I cant affird to let up, but how long is it going to last?!}

Naruto in Sage Mode, " in case you were wondering I am controlling the Hurrasengan storm with my chakra, i can feel everyone around me and i cam tell if your ghosting or solid. Lets see who's chakra last the longest!"

Kakashi, {another technique he created that I cant follow with my sharinghan, you may be ready to foght Sasuke after all, but are you willing to?} "good job Naruto!"

Bee, " lets take out the monster quick, Naruto has got this shit!"

Gai, " he's right lets go Kakashi, Naruto will catch up!"

They all head towards the Gedo Mazou.

Tobi, " stop, stop!"

Naruto is not letting up.

Tobi, " my limit is almost reached if you defeat me you wont find out How to bring your Father back!"

Naruto looks surprised, " your lying, shut up!"

The Hurrasengan storm stops.

Tobi becomes solid and is trapped in the toad stomach lining on the ground.

Naruto appears in front of him with Kurama/Sage Mode eyes, "talk, i swear if you are trying to trick me I will not stop my attacks next time."

Tobi, " no trick, your Father is in the Death God's stomach, there is a way to get him out, it actually was part of my plan to use the past Hokages to accomplish a long lasting peace. But it is out of my abilities to do so."

Naruto, " but I can?" {Dad...}

Kurama, {oh..... Naruto.}

Is this a trick or is Tobi for real?
Is Naruto *gonna help Tobi?!

Next: "The Love of a Son"
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