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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Without any more delays, my new fanfic it's here. I know that i lost from a long time ago the connections with the real manga, but hell...if you read it and like it, why not?
Tell me your thoughts as usually.

Chapter one: The Creation

The scene shows an old man, with a long white beard and blue eyes. He is standing in a giant garden and looks at the Sun. Suddenly behind him, another man lands. A young man, dressed entirely in black, carring a sword at his back. The newcomer has black hair, he is quite tall for his age, but his eyes are the most vibrant thing about him. Red eyes, with a spiralling black pattern.

The Creator: It's time, isn't it?
Unknown young man: I'm afraid so.
The Creator: Does my Seventh Seraphim knows what it's happening here?
Unknown young man: No. Vishnu is not aware of my actions. You knew that this day will come afterall.
The Creator: And i expected it with joy. You cannot understand yet, what it means to have my age. But you will understand. You are far more cursed than i was. You must stand at the side of every new God that it is to come, and slay them one after another. That was your destiny. That's why you existed outside my Divine Plan.
Unknown young man: And i accepted my fate.*
The Creator's voice: I've commited many mistakes my son. I wasn't the perfect being that i supposed to be. Afterall not even the human beings are perfect. They are shaped after my image, so why should they achieve perfection? Anyway...i have made mistakes. And my mistakes tend to be bigger than the regular ones. Because my mistakes affects the flow of the Universe.
Unknown young man: I will hear your confession.
The Creator: Now that you are the God of Death for centuries...and you have already experienced the pain of losing everyone dear to you...the pain of not being able to die...the pain to see everyone around you getting older and older...and you..being immortal...i can finally tell you the last great story. Nobody knows this story. Nobody has seen it as i did. Nobody knows all the sides...but me.You may have heard fragments of this story during your initial encounters with the Angels...but you never heard the entire tale. So, i will give you the judge yourself...what really happend...why we are who we are.*
Unknown young man: The truth...actually i'm tired of lies. It would be a nice change of scenery to hear the truth for once.
The Creator: Well then...shall I start telling you the final grand story...Sasuke?

He*spoke in the darkness: *“Let there be light!” *And right away there was light, scattering the darkness and showing the infinite space.*

And then, he thought about making some other beings. Beings that are just like him. But that don't share his entire vision of the world. And so, from God's personality the Angels were born. And there was a group that stood up. A group that God saw doing incredible things. He saw their future. He decided their destiny. God called them to face them. He was hiding his presence from their sight.
God talking with the angels: You...will be called Kubera...and you Brahma. And you will be Shiva. You will be Yama, and you will be Nirriti. You will be Livontes. You will be Quintrix You...will be Michael. You will be Raphael. You will be Gabriel. Your name will be Lucifer. And you...will be Vishnu. One day, the fate of the world will be decided by one of you.*
Shiva: Father, why can't we see you?
God: My sight is only for the chosen one to carry my will. And he will see me at the proper moment.
Michael: So...What do we have to do, Father?
God: Live!!

Thousands of years have passed. The panel shows the Heavens. A giant garden. Two boys are running around. Suddenly they both get tired of running, and sit down on the grass. The first boy, has about 17-18 years old, black hair, brown eyes and caucasian traits. The second one, has blond hair and asian traits.

Livontes:Hey Vishnu...what do you think that Father wanted to say?
Vishnu: What do you mean, Livontes?
Livontes: I mean that at a certain point in the of us...will hold the keys to the world.
Vishnu laughs: I doubt that it would be either of us.*
Livontes: Why wouldn't we be the ones to rule the world?
Vishnu: First of all, i think that our Father was talking about deciding something for the world, not rulling it. Second of all, you forgot about Michael, Shiva and Brahma. They are much older than us and far more skilled with their abilities. Right now i can barely create a mere lightning bolt, and you can make only one dark beam at a time. We are weaker than them. Shiva is already training at mastering the chaos element, Brahma commands the Sun and Michael is a beast. Even Yama is trying to level up his powers. We are the weakest beings that our Father made, and i am content with this situation.
Livontes: I cannot belive you. You sound just like a weakling. We must improve brother!
Vishnu: Clearly we are not the ones that our Father was talking about.
Livontes: How do you know that, Vishnu? We have equal chances. All of us.
Vishnu: Lucifer is Father's favorite for example. Do you think that you stand a chance against him?
Livontes smiling with confidence: I don't know, but i will try to stand at the top!

The scene it's switched several years ahead. Vishnu and Livontes are still training. Hard.
Suddenly near them, a tall man, with black hair and green eyes lands.

Vishnu: Brother Michael.
Michael: Hello brats. What are you doing here?
Livontes: You could try to show a little more respect towards us, Michael.
Michael laughs: And why should i do it?*
Livontes with hatred in his eyes: Because one day we will grow and we will make you to be afraid of us!
Vishnu: Livontes! Shut up! I'm sorry Michael...he didn't mean to say such things...
Livontes: I did! I will make you kneel one day before me, Michael!
Almost instantly Livontes is kneeled before Michael. The boy is crying out of rage, and he cannot control his body.
Michael smiles: Come again, Livontes? What were you just saying?
Vishnu: Michael...release him...we are just kids compared to your power.
Michael: Exactly. That's why you should not even dare to speak before me! And you are not the one to tell me what to do Vishnu! So, you'd better kneel yourself, or should I make you too?
Vishnu grins, and he is vissibly angered by Michael's behaviour.
Vishnu: I think that you crossed a line here, Michael. Our Father made all of us equall. It's not fair for you to bully us.
Suddeny Michael appears exactly in front of Vishnu and gives him a powerful punch exactly in chest, throwing him several meters away. Vishnu crashes into the ground and slowly gets up. From his mouth, blood is coming out.
Vishnu: Michael...stop don't need to be violent.
Michael: Who do you think you are bug?!? I'm far more superior than any of you!*
Suddenly he appears again in front of Vishnu and releases another blow. Dust is raised quickly and the ground surrounding them gets cracked. As the dust clears up, the scene shows Vishnu who managed to catch Michael's punch, with his right hand.
Michael shocked: What the...!?!
Vishnu: I said stop this Michael.
Michael instantly makes a couple of steps back and slowly creates a Light element sword.
Vishnu shocked: Light element!
Michael: I will teach you some manners brat!
He rushes towards Vishnu at a very high speed.
Vishnu thinking: I cannot dodge that attack...and i have nothing for defence...
Just when Michael is about to hit Vishnu directly, a man lands near them and catches Michael's hand. A blonde man with blue eyes.
Michael shocked: Brother!
Lucifer with a smile: What are you doing Michael? You were about to kill Vishnu.
Michael calms himself down and throws Vishnu a menacing glare.
Lucifer: You didn't want to kill him, right?
Michael: Maybe i was aiming for a shot. But i don't understand why you protected him.
Lucifer: What do you mean? He is our brother afterall.*
Michael: So what?
Lucifer: seem to disconsider our race, Michael. Aren't we supposed to be all at the same level?
Michael: Don't tell me that you consider at the same level with these punks.
Lucifer: Actually i do. They are my brothers. I will protect them.
Michael: Do as you like. will not be always around.*
Lucifer: I don't understand this grugde of yours, brother.
Michael smiles strange, turns around and leaves the scene. Lucifer is left alone with Vishnu and Livontes. He quickly helps Livontes up.
Lucifer: Are you ok?
Livontes: Yeah...that bastard...Michael...he will pay one day!
Lucifer: I'm sure that he will. But until that moment comes, you must train to became more powerful, if you hope to stand a chance against him.
Vishnu: We are training. Day after day.
Lucifer: Not exactly, Vishnu. What you are doing is not training.
Vishnu: What do you mean? I am training!
Lucifer: No you don't. Currently you are just wasting time, Vishnu.
Vishnu: I don't understand.
Lucifer: Right now, you trained only to polish your current skills. But you didn't train to develop new skills. need some help...
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