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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Livontes: You will help us?!?
Lucifer: Yeah, i will. Bur first things first. You must have a objective. That's the only way that will allow you to push your limits. So please, think of something!
Livontes: I just want to be a have everyone respect me and my power.
Lucifer: It's a decent dream. What about you Vishnu?
Vishnu: I....i...just want to...see Him.
Lucifer a bit confused: You want to see Father?
Vishnu: I know that it's arrogant of me...because nobody has ever seen him yet...but i want to meet him.
Lucifer smiles with compassion.
Lucifer: I will help you accomplish that dream of yours, Vishnu. Now, let me tell you a story...
Vishnu: A story?
Lucifer: There is a legend...that independent of us, another six angels exists. As you know the Archangel rank it's the highest rank for us.*
Vishnu: I know. And my uncle Kubera and Brahma are currently Archangels. But i don't understand what's with the six angels.
Lucifer: Patience. The story says, that there is even a higher rank, beyond the one of an Archangel.*
Vishnu shocked: A higher rank?
Lucifer with a serious voice: The Seraphims. The Guardians of God. The story tells that six angels with the rank of Seraphim exists, and they protect the aspects of God's reign. But there is also an "inside" legend contained in the story. That after a great battle that it is to come, a new Seraphim will rise. The Seventh Seraphim...and he will rule the six others, and he will be the guardian of our Father's throne. The legend says that only God himself has more control over the reality, besides the Seventh Seraphim.
Vishnu with his eyes widen: Really? You are not makimg fun of me?
Lucifer: Really.*
Livontes: And why do you tell him this stuff, Lucifer?
Lucifer: I'm telling both of you this stuff...because i have a feeling that one of you will became the Seventh Seraphim some day!

The scene shows a black universe. Suddenly a majestic voice is heard.

The Creator: Let there be Earth!
From nothingness, a small blue sphere appears. The sphere starts growing at a very fast rate, until the Creator speaks again.
The Creator: Enough. Now...let the life evolve!
The panel shows all the Angels in the Heaven as they watch shocked how a new world is born. Michael's eyes are greedy. Livontes's eyes are determined. Lucifer's eyes are sad. Vishnu's eyes are filled with promise.

The panel it's switched. It shows Vishnu and Livontes. They are both dressed completely in black, and standing with four other people in a line. Vishnu has a sword at his back and white cloth on his right hand, with a strange seal applied on it. *Suddenly a man dressed in red lands in front of them.
Yama: My name is Yama Dharma. First, you will all introduce yourselves, then we will proceed with the details of this gathering.
A tall boy with black hair: My name is Quintrix.
A boy with long blonde hair: I am Kalkin.
A boy with silver hair: My name is Nirriti.
The girl: I am Aphrodite.
Vishnu: My name is Vishnu.
Livontes: I'm Livontes.
Yama: Nice to meet all of you. Now...let me tell you why we have gathered today here. You have been all chosen for your exceptional tallents. In the past years, each of you trained with an Archangel. Vishnu and Livontes were trained by the new appointed Archangel Lucifer. Quintrix and Nirriti were trained by Michael. Aphrodite was trained by Gabriel. And Nirriti was trained by Brahma. I have spoken with your tutors and you were each reccomended for this mission. As you all know, several centuries ago, our Father created the Earth...and he has spoken: " Let the life evolve! " . The Archangel order received orders from our Father. It seems that he is planning to create a new being to inhabit the Earth. But, for him to be able to do that, we must make sure that no harm will ever come to that being. And what's the only harm present on Earth?
Quintrix: Dragons, Demons and Fire Golems.
Yama: Exactky. Our mission is to go to Earth and make sure that these species will vanish, for the sake of the new creation that it is to come. I have chosen you, to accompany me in this assingment because i wanted all of you to gather experience on the battlefield.
Quintrix: I'm sorry, Yama...but why do we need to gather experience?
Yama: It's simple. At a certain point in the future, our Father saw that the new beings that he is creating, will make a war. A war between worlds. And we will be involved. I think that you want to be prepared.
Quintrix: I understand.
Yama: Good. Now, if you don't mind, Raphael opened a portal for us. We will travel to Earth right now, and start the cleaning process.
Suddenly around them, a circle of light is formed. In an instant, they all vanish from Heaven.

The scene shows Earth. It's a virgin land, untained with human presence. Yet. The panel shows Yama's group who landed in a forest.

Yama: Good. Now...we will split our division in pairs. I will go alone. Kalkin, you will go with Nirriti. Quintrix you will make team with Livontes. And Vishnu will go with Aphrodite. Hunt down any creature that you find and kill it. Don't waste time. We will meet exactly in this spot in a week. Now...Go!
They all scatter around the forest, searching for demons, dragons and Fire Golems.
The scene shows Vishnu and Aphrodite. They are dashing at a very high speed.
Vishnu: I'm Vishnu...nice to meet you...
Aphrodite looks at him with superiority, and remains silent.
Vishnu: You could at least introduce yourself.*
She still remains silent.
Vishnu sighs: Great. It seems that we have a wonderful start...
Aphrodite: Listen carefully, boy. I am going to say this once: my power allows me to sense other angel's energy level. Yours, it's below average. So not get in my way. I don't want to kill you by mistake. Are we clear? Because i will not save your weak ass.
Vishnu smiles: First of all...we are around the same age. So you don't have the right to call me boy. Second of all, trust me...i don't need your protection. I can handle myself anything.
Aphrodite: Such arrogance.
Vishnu: I am arrogant because i'm confident in my own power?
Aphrodite: Yes you are! Your energies are nothing compared to those owned by Quintrix or Kalkin. They can handle anything. You? I think that if we meet a demon, you will be the first to run away!
Vishnu keeps smiling: Mark my words, Aphrodite...
For a second she looks in his eyes and spots his determination and real confidence.*
Vishnu with determination: You...will be amazed!

The scene shows Aphrodite and Vishnu resting on the branches of a tree.*

Vishnu: I cannot belive...we have been running all day...and we haven't met a single beast.
Aphrodite: Maybe they are scared to harm a weakling like you.
Vishnu laughs: You keep coming with the insults, are you?
Aphrodite: It comes natural.
Vishnu: May i ask why do you hate me so much? Because in your eyes, i am weak? Or what?
Aphrodite: Exactly. I think that an angel which lacks the power, should stay home, instead of hunting creatures. Admit it, are not made for this job. I don't know what was in Lucifer's mind when he sent you here. Your friend for example, Livontes, has a tremendous power. Compared with're a mere bug.
Vishnu smiles: A mere bug you say...
Aphrodite: And you know what makes me angry about you?
Vishnu: I'm actually curious.
Aphrodite: The fact that you keep on smiling and laughing when i tell you all of these, like you know better.
Vishnu smiles: Maybe i do.
Aphrodite: Maybe you do? You are weak! You are not a useful angel! You do not deserve to fight with us as a comrade! You put everyone at risk! Why do you think that we haven't met a single creature all day? You are so blind that you didn't even sensed when we passed by a large group of dragons! But i preffered to not encounter them with you behind me!
Vishnu: Were you afraid that i will be a burden, or what?
Aphrodite yells: Exactly! And that's exactly what you are! A burden!
Vishnu looks at her, he smiles and slowly gets up. Suddenly the smile on his face gets bigger.
Aphrodite: What are you smiling for?
Vishnu: You told me that i was blind? You were so angry that you didn't even noticed, that he group that we passed by, followed us. We are surrounded at this very moment. There are five large dragons. In a couple of minutes they will attack.
Aphrodite shocked for an instant: How did you?!?!
Vishnu slowly takes off the cloth on his right hand.
Vishnu: You told me that i am a burden. Listen carefully. You don't stand a chance against five dragons.*
Aphrodite: Not even Yama can defeat five dragons in one battle!
Vishnu: Ah, but there will be no battle.
Aphrodite: What do you mean?!? And what it's with that cloth on your right hand? Why are you taking it off?
Vishnu as he almost took off all the cloth wrapping his hand: This cloth...keeps my power hidden. Uncle Kubera gave it to me. So a sensor like you would detect a power level below average. Now, i am going to take it off. Please take care of it, until i'm done with the dragons.
Aphrodite screams: You are insane! Take care of dragons!?! They will kill you instantly. We have to run!
Vishnu: Too late. They are already here.
Suddenly in front of them, five giant dragons land. The dragons look at them, as Vishnu keeps unwrapping the cloth. The beasts start gathering fire in the mouths.
Aphrodite cries: Vishnu! Let's go now!!!!
Vishnu turns around and looks at her. Suddenly she gets a very confused expression, because the boy has a big smile on his face.
Vishnu: Don't worry. As long as you are with me, no harm will ever come to you!
At that very instant two things happend. The dragons spit their fire towards the two angels, and Vishnu finally took the cloth off his hand.
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